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  1. I have internetz question.

    So I've just finished building a house in my backyard, and that house shares a lot of services, such as water and electricity.
    We are good friends with the tenants and want to share our internet service with them, but i want to have our own networks/wifi. How do I do that?

    I'm guessing I cant have my router simply have a direct connection to theirs, and each have our own networks, but same internet service? Or can I?
  2. Some routers allow you to create a guest network, essentially providing two different WI-FI accounts.
    Many routers are dual band, which means you can set up two different WI-FI networks (with two different frequencies).
    Or get another router.
  3. yah, they have their own router. Do I simply connect the 2 routers LAN to LAN?
  4. You can connect one router to another. You'll have to fiddle with some settings to allow the secondary router to give out IP addresses.
    I think this might be a good guide.
  5. And you must make sure both routers don't share same span of IP-adddresses. ex. if first router share, make sure the second one share
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    Some "high-end" home routers will enable you to do this through VLAN (logically separating the networks) or with a guest networks (this sucks usually unless its an enterprise solution)

    If I were you, I'd gear up and use wifi for this
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  8. subnet it

    edit: oh keep in mind it's tricky with the last digit, it doubles mannn
  9. It really is worthy to invest to have a good setup, especially how "critical" Internet connectivity has become nowadays
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