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  1. Which is surprising because Italian is the easiest language to learn, especially if staring from a French or Spanish base. The grammar is straightforward, there's no silent letters, there's half as many conjugative forms as French, and the numbers don't go "sixty-twelve" for 72, or "four & twenty-nineteen" for 99.
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  2. A roast goes in an oven uncovered, what you're doing is a pot roast. Which is fine if done properly. Do you season and sear your meat before torturing it in a slow-cooker?
  3. yeah I could roughly guess a couple ones but overall, I have to say Italian is still harder than Spanish for me to guess.
  4. You've had bear? There is a place that sells black bear ribs here. I've always wanted to buy some. But it's expensive and I'd be scared to **** up cooking it.
  5. Yes you sear the meat to lock in the juices. But you don't want to ever cook a bear roast uncovered in an oven. To really enjoy bear roast it really needs to be slow cooked. Mountain grizzly would be ok in an oven. But river grizz and all black bear needs to soak in flavour and be slow cooked.

    My method is. Season. Sear. Re-season. Throw in crock pot. Add veggies, pork stock and seasoning. After 3 hours baste. Cook for 3 more hours. Remove from heat. Allow to sit for 10-15 minutes while the veggies continue to stew in the juice.
    Then slice thickly.

    I use a similar method with all pot roasts.
  6. Here in Indonesia they make Rendang. Meat that that needs to simmer for like 72 hours or something. Never heard of this crockpot shit.
  7. I eat bear all the time. When you cook it think of pork and treat it as such. Always well done. And season it very well.
  8. are you killing bear or buying bear? never seen bear on a menu anywhere
  9. I know where we can find bears on the menu ;)
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  10. Seabee are you a cub or a bear
  11. When people think searing seals in juices
  12. He's a lutrino
  13. that was not my reference at all sir
  14. i think im an otter cuz i have hair but im sleek af and wily
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  15. Indeed. Solely for flavour.
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    I get bear all the time from a hunter friend. I make sausages with it. It's probably the most amazing meat I've ever had. You won't believe it until you try some.
  17. I hunt. Bear is on the list. DSCN0165.jpg
  18. Technically true. But I'm never gonna let that myth die. EVER
  19. I'm coming over to BC in April and I would like some of that bear.
  20. Indeed. Lutrino is Mexican for otter.
  21. A grizzly is land's equivalent of the great white shark!
  22. Who would win in a fight? A large bear or a lion?
  23. I'm gonna say bear. They've got the advantage in size and strength, with claws and teeth to match the lion, and thick fur for the lion to get through.
  24. I agree, even if lion gets lucky and latches onto bear, bear heft will crush lion.
  25. Edit: Bald Eagil will beat all because it's the bird of Freedom.

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