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  1. lol a lion is a poodle when compared to the great grizzly !
  2. Here's a bunch of internet people having a serious conversation about this without ever reaching an agreement.
  3. i dunno cats, lb for lb, can do a lot of damage
  4. This is true. And I have seen a 160lb cougar chase off a 600 lb bear.
    But...... if the bear decides to actually fight. It's game over for the lion.
    I have seen a 800lb grizzly rip a 17 inch diameter tree out by the roots and it didn't even look like it was trying.
    Bears are extremely extremely powerful. The grizzly I posted the picture of was 11ft tall on its hind legs weighed over 1000lbs. She was flipping boulders the size of a vw golf looking for bugs when I spotted her. She had 9 inch long nails on her front paws. If she decided to fight she would rip damn near anything apart in seconds.

    The only things I'd imagine a large grizzly would ever have to really worry about is a bigger grizzly, a polar bear.
    Or in bigger picture maybe a shark, huge tiger, or a large crocodile.

    Idol. Unfortunately that particular bear was eaten a few years ago. But if the chance arises that you are in my area I have a black bear roast in my freezer

  5. A bear would never disrespect the great eagle of freedom anyways. Only the **** African would do that. Ermmm..... I mean......
  6. Damn right, or this happens:
  7. I picture that eagle sitting with his buddies in a tree. "Hey bros check this shit out" launching out of the tree screaming "FREEEEEDOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMM"
    He lands back in the tree and his buddies scream out "Ooooooh World Star!"

    I'm not sure if you guys have noticed. Bald Eagles are 2/3 black. Figures he'd cheap shot the bear from behind like the knockout game.
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  8. Pineapple doesn't go on Pizza
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  9. ANY Big Game Hunter would prefer a Grizzly to a weak sauce Mufasa
  10. Anything can go on pizza. Including pizza
  11. Someone mentioned to him how I won the chili cookoff at work and he went on a tirade about how my beef and bean soup should have been disqualified for not being cooked long enough. It was made in 20 minutes, but still won.
  12. My uncle did shoot my other uncle in the chest for much less of an offense, so I might have to consider it
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  13. Your area is like WAY off from where I'm going to be, I assume. Distances are much longer than they appear on a map for someone who lives in a tiny country.
  14. What area of bc are you visiting?
  15. Vancouver. That's the plan, at least.
  16. *cough* a hippo *cough*

    And humans obviously, since you have a bear in your freezer. We are the kind of species that casually kills other apex predators for some entertainment, and proceeds to eat their testicles and decorate our nests with preserved pieces of their carcasses to show dominance.
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  17. @426 Hemistage 8 is your uncle?
  18. That's why I want to eat bear. Show it who the true king of the carnivores is.
  19. Cool. I am about 3 hours from Vancouver.
  20. Yup.
    In this particular case. It was ovaries.
  21. ur gay
  22. Eating bears makes me gay? Then I'm super gay.
  23. No it's the ovaries part that makes you gay. Real men eat testicles.

    I eat bear too, this one place makes kickass bear pelmeni.
  24. I'm having a bunch of wieners today.
  25. I really like bears. To me they're like big fluffy doges.


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