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  1. Yes. Big fluffy dogs that eat you either intestines or butthole first while you are still alive. You get the glory of excruciating pain and watching yourself get eaten before you actually die.
    That being said if someone gave me a grizzly cub to raise as a pet. I don't think I'd say no. I'd just always have my 12 gauge loaded with 3 inch slugs on my hip at all times
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  2. [​IMG]
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  3. meh we only do this because we have the power to
    when it was an even or even worse playing field bears and tigers werent going vegan because humans are cute
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  4. jesus christ you must live in a red state
    ive never heard such redneckery, this along with notions of cooking meat in toasters
  5. Rural Oklahoma so yeah.

    Did I tell you that the gun my uncle (9 or 10) shot my other uncle (5) with was a .22 starter pistol that had the plug drilled out that my dad (7) had purchased from another kid at school and that my grandparents didn't find out for a few days and that they only found out then because my uncle who was shot had been bragging to other kids at school that he had a gunshot wound and one of those kids' dad went into my grandpas hardware store and asked him how his son was doing to which he said "pretty good, he'll be getting off the crutches soon (my dad had a broken ankle at the time)", the other dad replied "no the one who got shot"?

    Also, the first aid they did was my dad sat on my uncles chest while the shooter uncle grabbed one of the big syringes they would use to vaccinate their cows and stuff, filled it with alcohol, stuck it in the wound and shot it full of alcohol.

    My dad went and buried the gun and my uncles bloody shirt off in the woods
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  6. flyover state my ass
    what an adventure
  7. Well we gotta figure out something to keep us entertained
  8. Of course blue states don't like chili. You know who else doesn't like chili? Communists!
  9. is there anything that supports your claim that bears eat people butthole first?
  10. Watch a nature documentary. Most predators eat they're prey either intestine or butthole/crotch area first.
    Also most predation carcasses I come across in the woods have either been eaten intestine or butthole first.
    It is a very soft area of the body and offers quick and easy access to the other internal organs. Most predators eat the internal organs before they move on to the muscle tissue as internal organs have a much higher nutritional value to volume of meat.
    Wolves actually eat theyre prey butthole/crotch/penis/vaginas first 90% of the time.
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  11. Warning extremely graphic videos and story to follow. not for the faint of hearth or those with weak stomachs. NSFW

    Example of intestine first

    Example of anus first

    Both by grizzly bears.

    Also you can watch/listen to the "grizzly man" tapes. Apparently he was eaten crotch/butthole/taint first. And was alive and screaming for almost 8 minutes while he was being eaten.

    A woman on one of the oil sites I worked at was attacked/killed and eaten by a black bear in front of her husband and coworkers as she was walking out of the outhouse. She was alive and screaming at her husband and coworkers to help her as the bear ate her crotch first and disemboweled her through the hole it chewed in her crotch. It took her nearly 10 minutes for her to die after the attack started. The oil site has obviously tries to keep as much info about the details hush hush. But having been there and on site the day of the attack and knowing a few of the witnesses personally the details come out.
  12. Now if that doesn't make you want to cook and eat a juicy steak I don't know what will
  13. bears really should consider going vegan
    i just dont think you can justify eating meat, from a ethical standpoint
  14. a 416 remington magnum or a 458 winchester magnum bullet is more suited to big game than 12ga slugs which can barely stop a wild boar or even a buffalo. Otherwise you can vouch for the 375 holland & holland magnum or the 378 weatherby magnum, which are also plentiful to kill any dangerous big game animal.
  15. A nice prepared meat meal like wild boar with mashed potatoes, mush rooms and green pepper sauce alongwith a nice red wine, is not something I would refuse.
  16. As of autumn 2016 there are between 1720–1840 wild brown bears in Finland. Considerably more than in Alberta, considerably less than in BC. The documented number of people killed by bears during the 20th&21st centuries is one. In 1998 an unfortunate jogger ended up between a mama bear and its cubs and lost his butthole. The previous case is from the 1800's.

    Statistically speaking, you are more likely to get hit by lightning and bitten by a cobra simultaneously. Toothbrushes or toilet paper rolls kill way more people than bears do.

    I wouldn't approach a wild bear like I wouldn't approach a pack of African wild dogs/hyenas. Doesn't mean that they're not cute and when tamed, have many dog-like qualities.
  17. Haha this is amazing

    The hippo has its mouth full of explosives
  18. i was talking to bears not twinks
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  19. That may be a brown bear specific stat. Though they are technically the same species they may document brown and grizzly as different. And there has been 4 deaths directly to black bear predation/attacks on humans on alberta oil sites alone in the past 5-6 years. I posted a link to one of them already.

    Albertas bear problem is with black bears. Brown bears and grizzlies actually rarely attack.
  20. The point isn't what bullet is actually better suited to killing the bear. If a bear rushes you you aren't going to reload a bolt action fast enough to get off more than one or two shots.
    In Canada it's illegal to carry a handgun and you can't legally discharge one outside of a firing range.
    So a semi auto 12 Guage with 3 inch slugs or a pump action defender 12 Guage with 3 inch slugs gives to the ability to fire 5-8 shots on target in seconds in case of a bad initial shot with your bolt action rifle or incase of coming face to face with a pissed off bear while hiking etc. 5 slugs from a 12 gauge will stop that bear. Especially if it's charging you and two or three of them hit the bear in the face and chest.
    I was just refering to a self defence efficacy. Not in a first shot hunting situation.
  21. so people that live and work in this area must be armed and ready at all times?
    seems all these white dumbshits worried about racewars and the fall of civilization, or regular dumbshits who prep for zombie apocalypses should probably just go live amongst the bears

    what do you do when you leave the house, just look around really carefully? what is the modus operandi for a bear attack? like one that isnt a jogger or a hiker, but a dude just trying to get into his truck, or a woman trying to leave the portapotty
  22. Also on those mentioned cartridges. They are way overkill on a bear you are taking for meat. They would cause so much damage to the bone and surrounding meat you'd be wasting and losing a significant portion.
    I personally have never taken a bear on anything bigger than a .338 Lapua. But I'd be more than comfortable to take a grizzly with my .308.
  23. Well the oil site the attack happened on is over 100kms from the nearest city. Some are even further. The last site I was on was almost 300 kms from Fort McMurray. Quite secluded.
    Oil sites don't allow firearms to be carried on site. They probably could have saved that woman's life if someone had one.
    But in my region it's not uncommon to carry a firearm if you are camping or hiking.
    It's obviously based on your lifestyle. Someone who doesn't venture out of the city doesn't have to worry.

    Like if I don't go in the ocean, I don't worry about sharks. But if I spend a lot of time in the ocean my chances of seeing one increase.
    I spend 5 days a week at least in remote areas whether working or hunting. So I typically carry at least my shotgun if the situation allows. But I obviously don't carry it if I'm going to the mall.
    I quite literally saw at least 3 black bears a day every day on the last site I was at and probably one grizzly per week. Though I'm sure I was seeing the same handful of bears over and over because they are vey territorial

    Its all situational
  24. so are these oil sites more like camp sites than compounds of trailers? i guess i just imagined a sem civilized clearing full of industrial equipment
  25. It's kind of difficult to picture. They build a camp. Which consists of dozens of trailers that connect together. A couple that connect to make a cafeteria and office section. Then hallay sections that connect dozens of bedroom trailers. Each has about for 10x6ft bedrooms. And a small bathroom shared between two rooms. All generator powered.

    Then the actual drill sites are basically pipes and frame work with insulated tin wall slapped over them. It all runs on generators until the plant actually starts extracting oil or gas. After which they basically become self powered by the extraction process.
    Certain ones are close enough to town they can be powered off the grid. Or when they get big enough they can afford to pay for powerless to be put up all the way to the site.
    As an example. The biggest site I was on could produce 135000 barrels of crude a day. At the peak of oil prices they were 130$ a barrel roughly. So add that up its 17.5 million a day in oil.
    They can afford ridiculous shit.

    This is a smaller midsized plant site

    And this is a typical camp
    Cafetroa and office in the middle and all the little wings are the dorms/bedroom trailers

    It really depends on how small the site is and how new it is. I do earthworks for these sites. So when we go in initially we just haul our rv trailers up. Get a bulldozer to clear an area and we just park them there until we build the first sections of sites and the camp itself.
    Most plant sites will eventually build their own camp.

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