Condescending food thread

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  1. This is typical room layouts.
  2. So bears are like humans!
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  3. and bears wander the perimeter of these places?
  4. They come in because of the giant dumpsters and the smell of the cafeteria. Usually it's not a problem and they bolt as soon as they see a human. But after a few years they lose their fear and get more and more brave. And if one gets sick or is starving that's when you have an issue. Or if you accidentally corner one or surprise it.
    Good practise is to be loud. If you aren't hunting and are in bear country, make a racket. Sing. Stomp. Carry a stick and bang it on trees as you pass them. Wear cologne or very strong deodorant. Like axe or something. They will smell you and or hear you and typically bolt. If they don't leave and you come face to face with one after doing all that, prepare to have your butthole ripped out
  5. im afraid spraying axe on me will attract the bears in droves
  6. Umm... holy ****. That is some serious country ass shit.

    Also, this thread is awesome, though I didn't watch any of the videos, because ew. And also... lazy.
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  7. They also used to sneak up into the hay loft to smoke cigarettes as little kids. Lighting matches to smoke. In a hay loft
  8. This thread does deliver on many levels.
  9. No even bears find axe disgusting.
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