Confirmed: Alfa Romeo in the US in late 2007

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    Alfa Romeo coming to the US in late 2007

    Confirmed: Alfa Romeo coming to the United States

    Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne said during a conference call Wednesday that the Alfa Romeo brand will return to the United States in late 2007. Over the past few months, rumors intensified of Alfa’s return, but they were not officially confirmed until Wednesday. The cars are expected to be distributed through the existing Maserati dealer network. The new Alfa Brera Spider and and 159 Sportwagon (and/or sedan) will most certainly be among the vehicles headed for U.S. shores. We also have a sneaking suspicion that Alfa might coincide the U.S. rollout with the launch of the production 8C Competizione.
  2. Americans aren't worthy of Alfa. Except for BigRob and ScoRpFerrari.
  3. I'll take one. The 156 wagon was the sexiest of its day, by far. Haven't seen any 159 in the flesh yet, but this is exciting.
  4. Yeah marcus is worth of it also. His blood has passione.
  5. Does Urgay get Alfas, or is he just jealous?
  6. I think they do.
  7. good for the Americans..<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>..
  8. My blood has passion aswell.
  9. Um, 944turb0? You stupid #$%#.
  10. So what is Alfa going to compete with in the US? Mazda? Audi?? Jaguar??? I reckon their cars will sell between $25,000~35,000 atleast in the beginning with the Brera and 159. Thing is, in American standards, these cars are pretty small. A Ford 500 would dwarf the 159 easily. Also I'm not sure Alfa has a upper hand on "bang for buck" factor the Americans are so obsessed with. They are only prepared to pay quality premiums for more established players here. Also, the design might be "too Italian". Alot of my friends here in the US are precoditioned to think of hatchbacks as econoboxes. Most get confused whether the Brera is a hatchback or not. They certainly don't see it as a sportscar at first sight. America doesn't have the 'luxury hatchback' market like in Europe so there is a real challenger ahead for the Brera. I reckon the 159 in the other hand is in a more favorable position. It'll be a attractive alternative especially to Audi.

    But I don't know how Alfa's character will survive with an automatic gearbox. Italian engines are iconically revvy and feisty. An automatic gearbox will take away this Italian character. So it is the design that will have to do most of the convincing. Alfa designs are controvertial in America which tends to be so much more conservative with respect to Europe.

    So in short, its not going to be easy for them to land here safely.
  11. is this a joke?
  12. Um yeah...good luck Alfa <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    Other than Ferrari and Lambo, the majority of North Americans still think Italian cars are unreliable POS's.

    There are not enough "educated" people out there...

    I only hope the 159 and Brera's appearances sway people from a mostly outdated viewpoint.
  13. As someone said before, the americans are quite unworthy the effort
  14. You just buy that NSU.

    My sister had enough Passion™ to sell her Alfa.
  15. Canadians will just eat them up. That is if they even come here. Our market is a tad more opening to European/italian models then the US.
  16. ok... someone help me out..
    i am a huge fan of euro cars, but dont know alfas because they never affected me

    someone show me a line up.

    is anything sporty coming here 30k range?? thats really what i am interested in. something to compete with 2008 scirocco (huge vw guy )
  17. The Brera might fit in that category, if not then the 156. That is of course about a year after Alfa gets to NA, since there will most likely be a huge markup on prices.
  18. The Brera is closer to 40k

    The 149 probably won't make it otherside...
  19. let' see all the line-up...first, the 147, a Golf rival. Power from 105 to 150hp in 4-cyl engines, petrol and diesel. GTA with a 3.2 V6 and 250hp (See red one) In Spain, prices from 16,000€ to 32,000€ [Should be less in the US, without our taxes]

    Soon to be replaced, probably America won't see it.
  20. GT: engines from 140 to 240hp, 4 & 6-cyl, petrol and diesel. In Spain, from 26,000€ to 37,000€.
  21. Holy crap, 37,000 is the starting price overhere!
  22. 159 & Sportwagon: Midsized sedan and wagon (Passat competitor), 120 to 200hp, a more powerful GTA is on the way. In Spain, from 30,000€ to 34,000€.
  23. Brera: 159-based coupe. 185, 260hp. Also a GTA version coming soon. From 33,000€ to 41,500€ in Spain. The Spider should start sales right now.
  24. 166: Big-sized saloon. 150 to 240hp. To be replaced soon, the next 169 should be a very important model in the US. Here, from 30,000€ to 40,000€.
  25. you're getting ripped-off with taxes, the top-range Clio sells for 24k€.

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