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Discussion in '1998 BMW Z3 M Roadster' started by YoungJae, Mar 7, 2006.

  1. Okay, some people have been saying that the specs on this car are wrong while others are saying that it's right. Let's get that straightened out for good.


    Back when they started making this in 1998, there were two different engines given to this car, depending on where it was being made. In Germany, they gave it the S50 engine, which had 320bhp. The specs you see on here are for the M52TU engine, better known by many as the S52 engine by many--only made and sold in North America. It is NOT a true S-type engine at all, just an upgraded M-type. It is technically classified as a motorsports engine, but lacks any real power for that. Many thought the same, hence why a performance booster chip was offered for the North American Z3 M's, bringing power up to par with the S50 engines given in Europe.

    So that's that. No one was wrong in arguing for this car.
  2. that's right.

    you are forgetting another engine:

    the 1.9 liter 140HP

    but for those ones who say everything is wrong should research a little bit before writing nonsense words.

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