congreesswomen + 12 shot in Tucsan

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  1. One per each penis?
  2. Except Sweden.
  3. hahaha wtf
  4. I'm still scratching my head about that one.
  5. ROFLwaffles, wtf?
  6. LOL @ mistaking Sweden for Finland
  7. win
  8. Kind of nice seeing congress united for the first time in almost 10 years. To bad this will only last a couple of days.
  9. After reading up on the political situation in the states i come to the conclusion that its all #$%#ed up...
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  11. Uhg, stfu with that lame shit, commie.
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    Stopped when I heard, "now we have the shooting of a senator." Idiot.

    He's as crazy as Loughner.
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  14. The real problem is how mental health keeps getting ignored. This guy was clearly troubled, but instead of giving him support and therapy, he was kicked out of school for being difficult. Without any support or therapy, and only the internet paranoia culture to guide him, it's not hard to see how he ended up killing a politician.
  15. Hoboman bringing the Euro#%$ socialist liberal trash up in here.

    "Support" and "therapy" aren't True American Ideals
  16. You can't help those that don't want it. Are you saying they should have detained him and forced him to go through mental rehabilitation?
  17. If he's schizophrenic then to an extent yeah, we should get him medical attention, and in some cases this would be against the explicit will of the patient.

    I think the more important point to be made is that there should be structures in place to help people before they get to this point, but our society is rather isolated, so people just shrug their shoulders and mention how weird he was in retrospect, and nobody ever thinks about how we could have prevented these kinds of things. Imo, in any ideal society everyone would get psychological evaluations at different developmental milestones (obviously more extensive evaluations would be decided upon on an individual basis) and have free access to mental therapeutic care. But I'm just a freedom hating socialist.
  18. yes.
  19. What's imvu
  20. footplay

    they cut off her feet
  21. Nothing wrong w/ that.
  22. Well, that's all fine in hindsite. But, where does it cross the line as "oh he's just a bit weird," to "he could possibly kill a bunch of people"? I mean, I could say Fordman needs to be taken in an evaluated (which would probably be not only embarrassing for him, but pretty inconvenient)for his odd obsession with feet. Perhaps he's the kind of person who would see a girl with the perfect feet and kill her and collect them for his personal use. This guy may have been a little easier to see. He was pretty #$%#ing weird. But, the line between weird and down right bat shit crazy can be hard to define. Then of course you have the people who aren't crazy at all but do some crazy shit.
  23. what? fordman is pretty awesome leave him alone
  24. Foot fetishes aren't even uncommon

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