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  1. Me and some co-workers decided to test all the next gen and last gen consoles to see which would last the longest without turning them off. (we get very bored during slow times) We started this back in December.

    Gamecube: Still running strong. It has been running non stop since Dec 1st. I thought it was over when some little asian kid spilt pop over it during boxing day but it still works. Just sticky

    Nintendo DS: Other then the fact someone stole the stylis' off of the hooks and used the hooks to scratch them the #$%# up they still work. The left one's (we have 2) screen are much dimmer tho but still functions properly.

    Xbox: It bit the dust Jan 15. We wont get a replacement since its old technology.

    Xbox360: Still running (as loud as a tank.) One of the controller lights has burnt out. Im very surprised by this one since I have seen so many returns involving over heated systems.

    PSP: Had to restart it once due to a thick line running across the screen. Someone stole the analogue thumb pad.

    PS2 Slim: Still works but the system actually jumps while loading certian parts in games.

    PS3: The worst of them all. The first day of the test the controller woul dnot keep a charge. Replaced it with another controller and the other controller's battery died the very same day. Dec 4 the system shut itself off never to be turned on again. System #2 has a tendacy to freeze once everyday. Finally died durning boxing week. System #3 is a regular system from our stock since we did not trust the demo systems. Last week I opened the holding case to see why it wouldnt turn on and noticed the PS3 surface had bubbles on. It actually got so hot the shell bubbled. We are now waiting for our 4th system.
  2. was the 360 that loud when you first turned it on?
  3. 360s are incredibly loud compared to other consoles. Haven't you realized that yet?
  4. The system is loud to begin with but this one gets louder as the weeks go on.
  5. I don't own any other consoles.
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  7. Man, the PS3 sounds like a heap of sh1t.
  8. We have the same amount of returns of the ps3 compared to the 360 when it first came out. Sony just has to work out the kinks. Give it a year and it will be a great system.
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    LOL im guessing its number 3. Mine sounds exactly like that until about halfway through when a miniature jet fighter starts up. Mine doesnt do that.
  10. Considering how loud the 360 is, and even still the rate they're frying, you've got to wonder about the comparably very quiet PS3, although most of what I've heard suggests they're holding up much better than the 360 (at least for now: a lot of the 360 seem to only have problems over time with repeated heating/cooling)
  11. That sounds really bad to me: suggests something is making the chips progressively hotter (losing contact with the heat spreader?), and so they're reporting they're hotter and the fans are trying to compensate.
  12. the wii is just dead silent though. also it sits on standby mode all the time and pretty much doesnt heat up at all. I would imagine it lasts a damn long time.
  13. Yeah, my PS3 has run like a champ so far. In fact, it's been displaying eight H.264 video streams for the past six hours and I can't hear the fan over my PC, both of which are roughly equidistant from me right now.
  14. With the 360 the only thing that really goes wrong with them is the over heating issue while the PS3 has multiple issues. The same amount of systems are dying but it just sounds like more 360s then PS3s.
    10/1000 360s are defective (all over heating)

    2/1000 PS3s have software issues
    3/1000 CD tray issues
    1/1000 over heating issues and so on

  15. The Wii's silent on standby, but the fan runs the whole time through a game. It's def' not silent: but it does seem to keep a consistent drone, which is easier to tune out than the other systems revving and wanning fans...
  16. We do have a Wii also but we did not start it with the other systems so I did not add it in my post to be fair. It has been on for 17 days now and still runs great. But dust keeps collecting on the shell of the system and its very difficult to clean the system. Its like the dust leaves permenent marks on the shell. Very weird.
  17. Software issues can be corrected by firmware. A tray can be easily fixed. But a system that simple runs too hot to last is living on borrowed time: the law of thermodynamics predicts it's doing to die the day after your warranty runs out, and there's no way to fix it if the chips have simply gone south.
  18. I really applaud Sony for their fan design because it's so big that it doesn't need to turn very fast.
  19. That fan does look impeccably over-designed and expensive: no wonder Sony has no hope in hell of staying in business <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  20. Its the firmware that caused the problems. People complain after updating the system bricks or wont play the games anymore. I dont personally own one yet so I cant say much... This is just all from my customers. Either way if a systems little led light burns out or it bursts into a fireball it is still a defective system that needs to be returned.
  21. It is great but me thinks things like the fan make the cost as high as it is.

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  22. It's all fine while under-warrenty, but the problem with buying a 360 now (e.g. before a re-design fixes the problem) is that it's very likely it won't last the lifespan of this generation in regular use.

    I'd much rather the console have fix-able problems - e.g. drive issues - vs. the electronics frying.
  23. True but problems shouldnt happen at all.
  24. no console is truly noiseless, but the Wii is so minor as to be pretty much dead silent. when a game is playing you barely hear anything from it at all over the game sounds. Same goes for Ps3. XBOX360 however you can definitely hear it whirring even over the games. But I never cared much about console noise. It never seemed to be a factor.
  25. the ps3 at our walmart started smoking the other day. $600 turd

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