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  1. okay....on the homepage to this site, where it lists new entries etc...the F50's description states that this was/is controversial.

    how was this controversial? couldn't people accept that they would never be able to afford one? couldn't people just accept that this is an awesome machine?

    please enlighten me...
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    Because many people thought it was a dud of car because it can be considered a failure in engineering and can be considered ugly.
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    failure in engineering??


    which "many" people would you be talking about?
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    The F50 can be considered a failure in engineering for a number of reasons. I dont have the technical knowledge to go into it deeply, but it has to do with things like the engine being mounted directly onto the body which made the F50 shake so severely that Ferrari recommended having your heart checked before driving. Also, performance was mitigated because of the car being a roadster. Also, things in the stats were bettered by the F40.

    Anyway, im sure someone can extrapolate on that further.

    I consider the F50 to be an awkward design for a number of reasons. The whole front just seems to appear weird with those oversized holes and the rounded "nosebone". The overhangs on the front appear to be disproportionately big too. I think it strange too how the vent on the side rises at a different angle to that strange black line. The windscreen appears more upright than it should on a supercar. The rises behind the seats appear to dwarf the seats too. I dunno, I could live with those little awkwardnesses, but the vents all over the car give it too busy an appearance for my liking.

    Im not saying the F50 isnt striking. I nearly shat my pants the first time I saw one in real life, but I just cant fall in love with the car as I did with the 288GTO, F40 and Enzo.
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    It was/is considered controversial because as Ferraris top supercar, it did not set any performance records and fell far short of its competition the McLaren F1. Poeple just expected more form this car, they expected Ferrari to create somthing to compete with McLaren and they didn't get it.
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    You fell in love with the Enzo, and that has a load of vents all over it...even moreso than the F50 (?)

    but yeh...i get your point

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