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Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Atomic, Sep 6, 2006.

  1. ive been having the greatest luck with car spotting in the past couple days.

    the night before last, i saw my first F430 parked at a mall near my house [for chicago people its Old Orchard mall] it was all red and sexy so me and my friend checked it out for a bit

    then driving home from school today, on the opposite lane i see a RR phantom, again for the first time in my life. i flip a shit and start telling my friend kate [who has no care for cars at all] how incredible that is and how its crazy that i saw my first F430 just 2 nights before. as i say that [maybe 7-8 seconds after spotting the RR] a yellow F430 passes in the opposite lane

    not to mention the several bentleys i saw over the past few days. nothing crazy but ive been seeing them WAY more this week then ever before


    thank you for your time. go about your day

  2. Thats all nice and dandy.

    Today I saw three yellow school bus on my way to get a root beer at the gas station all in a line. It must have been some school bus club which was awesome.

    My nipples got hard.
  3. I farted.

  4. heh, im quoted in ur sig. very nice
  5. the other day for the first time in my life i saw a stock civic with no can and no 20 inch wheels! mine is rarer than anything you guys have seen
  6. you live in chicago and you have seen F430 & RR Phantom two days ago for the first time?????????? and i tought my country was shitty when it comes to exotic cars, but when i see this..............

    i feel really sorry for u mate.........
  7. me too ..
  8. well it's easy for you, living in dubai, probably the best place for car sighting on earth (except maybe monaco & california)......
    god how would i love to come and work in dubai, but have no idea how to make any contacts or find job offers.............
  9. Nipples only get hard because it's cold, not due to arousal.
  10. i hope you're kidding, but if you're not - you live in a delusion, man
  11. i see one exotic in a month maybe.
  12. It's true for some people. So yes, it made no sense for me to say that.
  13. lol dude needs to get some fast. he sounds like the 40 year old vergin... and if its a woman who said it the same goes for you.
  14. meh, i live in skokie and i dont count the exotics i see on rush street in front of gold coast bentley, those arent in the wild just yet.
  15. Yesterday I saw the Delta Integrale again, and the past week a Cayman S. Those are the hottest cars I've seen in like 5 months.
  16. Chicago isnt the ideal place for an exotic, road/weather wise.
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  19. well certanly better than croatia. you have twice as many people in your city then my intire country. so i conclude you have more supercars.......
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