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Discussion in '1985 BMW M5' started by RLQ, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Keep in mind that a lot of cars were slow back then. This M5 is not.<!-- Signature -->
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    no doubt
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    Correction: Amazing for 1985<!-- Signature -->
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    ITs amazing!!
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    deffinetly a phat car!
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    This was very powerful for the time and quick too. I like that they changed the M5 to a v8 though.<!-- Signature -->
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    So phatty, i said phuk<!-- Signature -->
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    To bad the stats are wrong though, these numbers are for the regular 535i, the E28 M5 did 0-100km/h(0-62mph) in 6-6.2seconds and did the quarter in mid 14`s, some even state flat and low 14`s..

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    A fantastic car. I saw one with a few mods done by Dinan and 18s borrowed from the latest 330i. Very hard to not fall in love with!
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    Nice car.

    Rumor has it that a V10 is gonna see its way into the M5... I say this because it would be another step up from this one.. V6 to V8... And now, maybe a V10?

    Badass indeed.
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    best years of BMW. the M3, M5, and M6 all debuted then. the m5 is definately my favorite of the bunch!

    btw its an in-line 6 not a v6 ironheart
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    Audi Quattro Sport. slow? i think not

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