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  1. this car looks really great! what do you think? i think that this is the best looking skyline ever!!! got two in GT4!
  2. It's my favortie Skyline.
  3. Its the best looking.
  4. looks like a 2nd gen 240sx with a body kit
  5. Some more pics for those of you interested
  6. imo the rear end looks dosgusting on the road going version. It would be awesome to see one fitted with a spoiler like the ones on the racing cars.
  7. i dont like it. its rice. seriously. it looks like a 200mph car but its barely faster then a mustang. ok well maybe its not rice because they needed to make it like this to race lemans, but it does look tons faster then it is.
  8. Isnt this car RWD in GT4?
  9. yes, i think that it is RWD in gt4... but im not sure... either it is this, or another skyline that is RWD... but if this is 4WD in the real life, it is 4WD in GT4 too... the guy who created the gran turismo games have test-drived all the cars that is in the game (which is 745 cars) and tested all the tracks in the game (wish is around 60 circuits) and the n�rburgring nordschleife track wish is 25 km long, if i remember correctly, is as acurate as 15 mm!!!!! that is acurate! i think that gt4 is the best simulation-game in the world... but in my opinion, it is the only game in the world who can be called a simulation game... "the real driving simulator" as is says! well, Forza is good, but not that good...
  10. ooops, spelled wrong at "wish, it should be "which"!!! sorry...
  11. Le Mans? This thing wouldn't survive 100' in Le Mans.
  12. The only problem i see with the looks of this car is the fact the wheel wells are designed for tires about 3-4" larger. I'm guessing they just slapped the racing body on the street car and didn't really worry about anything but getting it done so they could go race.
  13. it does need the wider spoiler.
  14. this car was origionaly designed as a spec car for homologation requirments(i know that's spelled wrong), nothing more. The race team's can eaisly rip appart the car, and build it from scratch. This was meant just to get the name out and produced, nothing more...
  15. Wow, that was deep man...real deep.
  16. Id have to agree. gt4 is the best. but the only way to truly play it, is with Logitec's gt4 wheel. with the most realistic feed back iv ever experienced in a wheel, it has a 900 degree spin, and it has the letters gt4 firmly planted on the front to boot. for the 200 bucks i shelled out when it was new, i thought i was getting a deal for what i was getting.
  17. No the guy who made GT4 has not test driven all of the cars in the game, do you really, really think he'd be given the chance to test drive a car like this, a car that there is only a single road going example of that spends it's day's in a museum. Or the TVR Cerbera Speed 12 which irl doesn't look like the one in GT4 looks, it's also more powerful than it is in GT4. What he does is test drives a cross section of vehicles to get a general setup right and uses the games physics engine to do the rest.

    As for this car, it it rwd, not 4wd, the race car is rwd and there was a single road example built for the single reason of homologating the race car for LeMans. The car was sold privately and ended up in a museum. The chances of anyone test driving this car on a track ever is close to zero. Even less for cars like the Auto Union streamliner, Audi LeMans concept which was at the time a concept, Cadillac Cien, Nissan R390 GT-1 road car. Oh and now I think of it, we've only covered road cars so far, there's a tonne of race cars he's never test driven as well, and never would be given the chance to test drive, there's race cars in GT4 that don't exist anymore, there's road and race cars in GT4 that simply do not exist.

    As far as GT4 goes towards being the only game in the world that can be called a simulation game, GT4 is afar from being the most relaistic racing game out there. The most realistic console game to date, sure but not the most realistic game overall. There's some glaring flaws in GT4's physics engine but considering the limitations of the PS2 that PD had to work with that's to be expected.
  18. Way to take all the fun out of it...good one
  19. how manu horsepowers do the cerbera speed 12 have in real life then? in gt4 it has 800 hp! thats a lot. it makes a rurnout on every gear!!! and i saw a show in tv when they interwiewed the japanese guy who made the game, and he says himself that he has testdrived all the cars! IN YOUR FACE! and gt4 is the most realistic racing game in the world! IN YOUR FACE!!! IN YOUR FACE!!!
  20. oops, i mean *many* and *burnout*.... sorry again!
  21. Not just GT4 but GT2 also had this car. I still remember, this car is RWD and very hard to handle than the GTR (maybe because RWD). Although GT2 is old, but It has heal&toe function, which is not put in GT3/2000 and GT4.
  22. ok... thanks! didn't care checking myself, but i had a thought of this car being RWD!
  23. what racing-game is the most realistic in the whole world then???
  24. The Gran Turismo series are my favorite games ever but there are definitely PC racing games that are more realistic.

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