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  1. Obviously it's all a matter of opinion. But with Nissan's possible takeover of Mitsubishi's shares sometime soon and my childhood melancholy of spending time in my parent's '79 3-door Colt, I realized I have a soft spot for Mitsubishi. So here's the Mitsubishi photo/link dump and the opportunity to say why you like (or dislike for that matter) a particular model alot.
  2. I'd like to start with the model I spent years in on the backseat. Good times. The '78-'84 Colt. My parents had the '79 1200
  3. I still think that from this same era (1978-1980) the Galant Sigma was one of the coolest looking saloons at the time. It was long (for its time), had those badass twin headlights, that slanted rear, those "sporty" steel rims, everything:
  4. The L300, but this goes for that generation Japanese vans on a whole, was an incredibly common sight during my childhood. Even the completely tacky looking 4WD version (pictured) as I was spending much of my time at the beach/seacoast. They really were part of everyday life back then and made for a cheaper alternative of the VW vans and Ford Transits at the time. They weren't pretty, but they had character, haha.
  5. The mid 90's Sigma. Built to compete with the German premium brands with all luxuries you could imagine and came with a pretty sweet 24-valve V6 if I recall correctly. But it kind of had the same fate as Nissan's Maxima and Mazda's Xedos 6/9: nobody in Europe really bought them because they aren't from the German 3 ór the stereotypical French boat (Renault 25/Safrane, Peugeot 605). I think even the Lancia Thema sold better. But look at it! Pretty classy I'd say and aged nicely.
  6. When someone says all-terrain vehicle to me, this is still the first car I think of: The Pajero. I think it was called Shogun in other markets because Pajero turned out to be an offensive word in Spanish.
  7. I'll be honest, I never really liked the first Space Wagon, but when you see them nowadays (once in a blue moon), they're head turners and I can only have appreciation for whoever keeps cars from this era in running condition.
  8. I'm sure someone will post some generation of the Lancer EVO, but let's go a little bit further back and admire how awesome the early 2000 Turbo Lancers were <3
  9. On the EVO note, my favourite looking gen is the III. Poll-worthy? Maybe. But hey.
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    Galant vr 4
    Evo 5

    Vman EDIT: There you go :)
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  11. **** how do you get pics to post like yours
  12. Hit "upload a file", then select the image you want (<2MB per image) then when the progress bar has completed, hit "full image" image upload.jpg
  13. I like the pajero and l300
  14. Yes love that one, looks so capable without being overly agressive, excellent
  15. I used the hotlinking option and went for the high-res photos from

    edit: and does all the auto-shrinking
  16. Hope the Space Wagon doesn't ruin this thread.

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  17. I like its front, some old guy in my street has the Space Runner version of that generation in red in great condition
  18. That and the L300 were/still are some of the most common people-movers when it comes to (illegal) settlers in the West Bank.
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  19. One of my mates is currently tidying up an old Galant / Colt. It's pretty sweet.

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  20. That is, indeed, cool as ****
  21. So much hotter looking than the competition at the time (rx-3, et al.) too

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