cool or interesting software that you use.

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  1. I just a got a dvd ripper so i can put all my dvds on a hard drive to watch on my ps4...

    got me thinking about what other cool software you guys might use or would recommend.

    also i have magix music maker which i have yet to fully make use of.

    what software do you use?
  2. Netscape Navigator and AOL
  3. Xenforo
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  4. winzip is cool to open files up and stuff
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  5. Download Accelerator Plus, Mcafee Antivirus, ICQ messenger
  6. Windows
  7. **** that shitty piece of junk!
  8. I added a custom function to my 'wake up' routine on Google Assistant that automatically replies to "good morning" texts.
  9. Winamp.

    It really whips the llama's ass.
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  10. wow subtle brag

    this guy has friends, everybody
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  11. I also use this awesome program for my artwork. It's called MS Paint.
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  13. i pipe shit out to lolcat all the time
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  14. winamp it plays your mp3s
  15. Limewire
  16. Seriously though, Jing,, Notepad++, Audacity.

    Sorry if I ruined the thread.
  17. internet explorer

    (thread is now back on track)
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  18. I use Macromedia Dreamweaver to make cool websites about roller blades
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  19. remember the early file sharing programs when people would accidently make their whole computer contents downloadable? and you could search by directory aswell, i think that was Winmx or something.
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  20. hmm lets see whats in your 'My Feet Pics' folder
  21. WinMX was like, a Napster type thingy. Used to get all my MP3s on there.

    Possibly FTP?
  22. I know you could access people's saved picture via ftp on AOL. It was funny because someone would post a pic, then you'd see their real pic in their ftp folder.
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  23. KaZaA's down, hearing good things about Soulseek and Limewire, which should I get, I only have 500mB harddisk
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  24. Well hello there
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  25. Hi, someone mentioned this place on facebook, it's kind of like myspace, but for students

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