cool or interesting software that you use.

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  1. It's more like AA, really. People go on benders and then randomly start attending meetings again.

    Edit: for me it's or heroin
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  2. "A/S/L?"


    *finds real image*

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  3. Should I be proud or ashamed that I was able to find an image of a brony juggalo so easily?

    FYI, I google searched for "brony neckbeard"
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  4. Juggalos; almost hated as much as gypsies.
  5. I use KaZaA lite because it doesn't have adware or bonsai buddy begging me to install all the time
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  7. i use the Napster. Its a Pee too Pee or something.
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  8. A bunch of us used to MSN Messenger together at some point.
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  9. I lived on MSN for years. I'm going to have a rummage around and see if I can find an old hard drive with ancient chat logs on.

    There's bound to be some solid gold nostalgia on there somewhere

  10. downloading limewire pro from limewire , good times :cool:
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