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  1. you guys may or may not belive me when i tell you this but it is the truth none the less, my cousin once worked at a perfromance shop in FL and some guy, i think my cuz knew him before hand or something, got $7 million dollars from his parents when they died, so he was some kid with to much money, so he brought his cyclone, which is the same as this, into the shop and asked them to tune it, they did every thing, completly replaced the pistons, crank shaft, cams, they balanced and blueprited it, ported and polished, they did every thing to that engine, it has 430hp when they dynoed it, that was before they put it in the car and added a twin turbo setup, they didnt dyno it then, but i would love to know what it put out then, but my point is it was one hell of a truck, then one day a cop tryed to pull him over, and he floored it, he lost the cops in a second that was easy, he blew through a toll both at 120mph, on the freeway he was moving to fast for the chopper to keep up, and becuse his truck was 4-WD he was tearing through the orange groves becuse the cops couldnt follow, but after all of that he got caught and went to jail becuse he ran out of gas, but that would have been a hell of a chase to watch.
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    uh huh.. sure...
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    uh huh.. sure...
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    Where did you hear this story?
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    lmao .. thats funny.. what did he have under the hood eh? .. more than likely the supercharged mildy tned 4.3l V6 ..(which is stout) .. but like with 430hp? .. tell me.. when he hit he gas... how far away did the heads land? ..

    heres a combo for your statement.. maybe a Typhoon with a 350? .. lol .. only actual Blazer/Ty/Sy/Jimmy owners should comment here..

    and BTW.. the Typhoon is one SUT I wouldn't wanna screw with..

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