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  1. I want a watch that switches from a fully functional smartwatch seamlessly into looking like a classy wristwatch using some crazy high-def OLED or something. That's what I'm holding out for.
  2. appl prolly
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  4. After choosing your options you'll end up with something like this. Looks solid yeah?
  5. I like the idea of a smart watch, but I don't want a watch I have to charge every few nights, because that is a flawed concept, Im sure that you will forget to charge it on occasion and it will be useless. It needs some kind of wireless or kinetic charging. It needs battery life that lasts for days on end with heavy use also. My iPhone lasts a day, sometimes two with medium usage, and its not great. I wouldn't want a watch that did the same. If this new apple smart watch released on Tuesday is any good, and addresses these concerns, Ill get one and wear it on my right hand, with my real watch on my left.
  6. Ok Burner mate, I'm going to give it to you straight - your watch knowledge is a little lacklustre these days... and if I'm completely honest, you needa up your game buddio.
  7. I don't need watch knowledge, I have a good watch that I like, I never take it off (it hasn't been off for more than 10 minutes in the last 10 years). It works well. I'd like a smart watch too.
  8. You will look like one of those plonkers with a Bluetooth earpiece in even when not on the phone.
  9. Will I? Why would I do that?
  10. Because it is your destiny.
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    i want a Moto 360.

    best looking smart watch ive seen. even when it's displaying info, there's something about the round face that makes it retro/dorky enough.

    if i were to get any normal watch,

    seems like a cool brand. the leather looks great and they have a Bell&Ross type look to them that I really like.
  13. i dont understand the appeal of a smart watch
    its not hard to pull your phone out of your pocket to update your instaface
  14. This watch > all
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  17. Having a watch om each hand? It looks silly.
  18. almost as silly (gay) as POV goggles down the beach
  19. too many small details on face. too busy. Sorry drano
  20. It's a busy watch face, and I didn't understand why until someone explained it to me like this. Google the word "slide rule". The Navitimer is a circular slide rule! You move the outer bezel and divide/multiply at a glance. The original watch from the 60s had a big booklet that showed how to calculate ground speed / miles per minute / fuel consumption / rate and distance of climb or descent etc. None of this is useful now, but I always enjoyed reading about aviation stuff.
  21. You have a problem with homosexuals?
  22. I'm convinced that a next generation of Cogito Classic will be along soon, and they'll really have stepped up the display quality and features.
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    I just bought a watch. I'm not quite sure if it's a Seiko 6309 or a Sports 5 with 6309 movement or if it's a Frankenwatch or what. I bought it because I love how it looks with the gold face and Pepsi bezel so I'm not all that bothered. But I'd appreciate it if someone here could shed some light on it.
  24. Hey is this working

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