Coolest Organized Crime Organization

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  1. Self-explanatory. What group would you want to be in. This does not necessarily mean which group you are more tied to (like, if you're Irish or Italian).
  2. Honestly, If I was to end up in a gang it would have been Hells Angels. Would've got in through family.
  3. I knew this was coming.
  4. where the hell is the Italian mafia?
  5. I never really thought organized crime was cool.
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  7. Damn! I forgot Hells Angels. Oh well. That's other I guess.
  8. Triads are pretty crazy over here.
    As are a few different biker gangs. Mainly the Rebels and the Hells Angels.
  9. Cosa Nostra.
  10. Al Capone era obvi.
  11. I've never heard of that name
  12. MS8, or something
  13. Anyway, the foundation of Cosa Nostra on Sicily used to be the shit, until most B-mafiosi that were sought after by their respective capos escaped elsewhere and started over in the USA (Fontana Sr and Fontana Jr are good examples of this). When a big guy of the Sicilian Mafia went to check it out in Chicago in the early 1930's he went home disgusted by the way they acted. So yeah.. I'm not voting for the Cosa Nostra because of the current state it is in.

    Russian Mafia organisation is incredible, very deeply rooted in the govt too. Colombia is just slavery and violence, Yakuza.. no idea about that currently..

    Anyway, concerning organisation I'd have to give it to Russia or El Salvador, and seeing the latter is no option, there we go.
  14. I dunno what "Irish Mob" entails today, exactly, but the Irish gangs were the coolest in Chicago during the Twenties and none of the other choices appeal to me.
  15. We have enough polish members that we could start a polish mob
  16. I agree. I've got a soft spot for the Irish Mob though. Cosa Nostra is overrated IMO. The Russians are, of course, badass, but I'm straight up Irish. I mean, my family's name is O'Sullivan for God's sake. I know that's not why I said we were supposed to vote, but it just pushed me on the Irish side.
  17. USA Government <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/cool.gif"></A>
  18. How is the Irish Mob beating the Yakuza??

    What great things have they done? They couldnt protect their empire in the 20's and 30's and the Italians stomped all over them! There day is long past. The Yakuza have that "o the death" loyalty, asian mysticism/samurai code thing going on. And they have been portrayed really badass in films.
  19. I think perhaps Mafia is the wrong word for many organisations now that I think about it, because it has a lot to do with honour as well, which a lot of orgs don't give a shit about.

    edit: the ameri-italo "mafia" was more mob than maf even
  20. organized crime isn't cool
  21. Definitely.

    Anyway, Dean O'Banion, the Irish guy who ruled the strongest mob in Chicago before Capone took over, had his best friend, a Polish guy, as second in command. Third in command was an Italian friend of theirs. I'd way rather be in a mob like that, based on friendship instead of nationality.
  22. Wait, you posted that story once about Capone and this Irish guy that owned a flowershop too. Impressive read.
  23. I think thats the death of "old school" organized crime- entrusting members based on nationality and family connections. Look at your own race/family- arent there some dumb people in those groups? Why would you ever want to involved in a business with them, let along a business that was illegal and involved drugs and firearms.

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