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  1. Yeah, I've been fascinated with the Gang War in Chicago during the Twenties for a few years now. I'd be happy to send you a term paper I wrote on the Irish guy sometime.
  2. Oh, if you got it handy, you can drop it in my e-mail/forum/anything anytime <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> I've just finished some files on the Sicilian mafia (1860-1994, so that includes the late 80's maxi trials as well) and am pretty fascinated by organized crime in general.

    edit: by finished, I mean finished reading
  3. If you ever get to it send one my way too [please].
  4. Of course it is.
  5. Also, a lot of what you read on wikipedia concerning the italian mafia is plain wrong. I'm talking about the majority of things, ranging from broad stories to tiny details. If you go to the page of judge Falcone (who led the maxi trials, but got killed by an explosive trap, the pic there gives a good impression) there, you're better off not reading anything written there.
  6. PM me your e-mail.
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    Yeah, I've noticed mistakes on wikipedia regarding Chicago in the Twenties too.

    His name was Dean O'Banion. He was 100% Irish, FFS. Capone referred to him as "Dion" to the media after his murder and it stuck, though. I've only seen a few books that spelled his name right. I never got that.
  8. I saw a doc' about that like 2 weeks ago.
  9. oh shit, any way how I could watch it as well? I'd like to see it too
  10. forget the name, but it's not the only doc' I've seen on the Falcone murder
  11. Yakuza's pretty damn cool I'd say
  12. stfu!
  13. But beating the crap out of you and dumping you in an Asian neighborhood is
  14. None of them.
  15. on the wrong side of coolest.. or organized for that matter
  16. doesn't the russian mafia deal in a lot of child porn? that's not very cool...
  17. No organised crime is cool..
  18. fictionalised accounts are...
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    The Purple Gang were some bad mother#$%#ers back in the day.

    "They're rotten, purple like the color of bad meat."

    And they were almost exclusively Jews, so you know they had some bank.

    EDIT: and you forgot MS-13, who apparently are the new baddest dudes in town.
  20. German Nazi.
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    I fixed it.
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