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  1. I also don't get why the north side gang isn't as popular as capone. I means, its like talking about world war ii and not mentioning the germans.
  2. I say a Goodfellas based Italian Mafia.

    Also I like Russians, so Russian Mafia.

    thats all the reasoning I have in liking the two.
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  4. Irish mob for sure.
  5. mafia is the wrong word already for what you're talking about. See it like this: russian mafia is infiltrated in govt actions, housing, gambling for example.

    then there are splintergroupings that are indeed involved with fake passports to smuggle children to make them prostitute and such

    sure there could be ties, but it's very unmafia (and generally against the code of honour) to be a "pimp" or make a business of women.

    edit: the word you were looking for was mob, and yes, they suck.
  6. Way too much infighting in the Russian mafia too though, the Triads and Yakuza seem to have their shit together on this side of the world.
  7. Infighting is not necessarily a bad thing, really.
  8. coolio, thanks for the clarifcation.
  9. Its almost worth seperating the Italian mobsters into the true sicilians and those operating in the states. Someone mentioned it earlier, that the true sicilians wanted nothing to do with the americans due to some of their practices (Sicilian mobsters would never kill you in front of your family, wheras americans would. Sicilians would not kill your family members to pressure you to do something wheras Americans would)
  10. The Sicilian mafia exercised **far** more ruthless control over their area of operation than the mob ever did in North America, in the sense that they terrorized the general public and government in Italy like they never would date in NA (where the government could wipe them out... only to have some other group take their place of course)...
  11. yugo maffia.
  12. Well yeah.. ironically, the only "early regime" in Italy that could fight the Mafia pretty efficiently (after 70 years of their known existance) was Mussolini's.

    And indeed, whole villages around and parts of Sicily were occupied. Being active in juridical, municipal, agricultural.. basically everywhere. Even in Roma they were.

    The Italomerican mafia however.. I can't see them much differently than a bunch of showoffs with an accent. No wonder they got caught reasonably easily after a while.
  13. The trains ran on time AND the mafia was on the run? Italy should really take another look at fascism.

    North America is too diverse for any one criminal group to implant itself among the population: which I suppose is good in the respect that they're easy to root out, but bad in the sense that there's always another waiting in the wings (e.g. the police root out the old European criminal organizations, so bikers and asians and latinos just move in...)

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