Copy of the XJ220

Discussion in '2001 Mitsuoka Orochi Concept' started by JapanAir, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This car seems ok, but not what we people have in mind. A v-12 would go best in this and possibly rear wheel drive. Should have like 580 bhp or something. Just do something to make it RUN!
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    maybe, but it is really great!!!
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    A Japan Jaguar XJ220!!!
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    HELL YEAH THATS WHAT WE NEED ANOTHER XJ220 wiTh some more power >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> THIS CAR HAS A VERY ODD DESIGN TO IT IS IT A MCLAREN OR A JAG?????????????????????? IDUNNO<!-- Signature -->
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    I agree completely. I clicked on the name with no preconceived notions and immediately thought 'XJ220.'

    This example is a little less bland in design but that's not really a good thing in this case.<!-- Signature -->
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    ummm this is a jaguar folkes its just been japanesed a was designed on the body of the xj220

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