copyright police got me

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  1. My internet was shut down today and I had to call my ISP because I thought I would need a technician to come over to fix something. Turns out I was "quarantined" because of torrents. Guess I forgot to turn my vpn on when I downloaded some episodes of The Grand Tour. :eek::eek::eek:

    Also, my ISP is the company I work for. Not a good look.
  2. Ouch that sucks. Public tracker?

    I am still procrastinating my VPN setup for Torrents even thought I only use TL
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  3. My ISP sends emails whenever I download certain movies. Basically it's an automated message. They don't actually do shit here unless you download thousands of movies.
  4. are you identified as an employee
  5. back in the days when people cared, one of my friend got caught for COREL DRAW

    lulz we still laugh about it years after

    who the fucks uses Corel Draw
  6. If that's a policy, not many people would still have internet I think
  7. Ohhhh snap

    I didn't even bother to use a VPN until very recently when a couple of law firms started sending 2000€ compensation demands for torrenting. Although this kind of shit has been going on in continental Yurops for a while now, Finland has remained such a tiny market that major media companies didn't see it worthwile to do anything here.

    Copyright law is desperately clinging to the pre-internet era with a seriously uncompromising attitude. It's a bit like with weed or acceptance of sexual minorities; there's quite a bit of pressure for laws to be changed if common behaviour that isn't really frowned upon by the majority of non-geriatric people remains punishable by law. Oh well, at least our laws are lagging behind the 20-odd years, not 622 years like in certain Arab countries.
  8. If the consequences were a little more reasonable and an actual deterrent, I think you could convince people that stealing is bad and you shouldn't do it and you're gonna be in big trouble mister if you dare to watch that TV show that everyone else is enjoying but you. It does seem really harmless, and no one gives a **** about big bad corporations because they are profiting from licenses, and they're already making so much money that they should just shut up and stop pissing on people who are just trying to enjoy entertainment that the big bad corporations are holding hostage or whatever bullshit excuses people like to spout out when they just wanna watch a tv show for free.

    So OK, you got me. Guess I'm not gonna watch your TV show now. What did you win there? I'm not gonna get Amazon Prime, so your system isn't "working". You've just discouraged someone from enjoying your entertainment product. Seems counter productive. Congratulations.
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  9. cops came and took away mah babeh
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  10. you are bankrupting clarkson and his friends
  11. I find there's a distinct lack of options when it comes to purchasing content online. And most of these require some sort of subscription with tons of unwanted content instead of something like Itunes where you pay per downloaded content.

    I subscribe to Netflix because the monthly fee is quite modest (like 8 euros for 2 ppl) and there's plenty of enjoyable content. I'm not going to cancel the subscription despite not having watched anything from Netflix in like 3 months. The problem is that due to copyright issues, the first 3 seasons of a series might be available on Netflix here, although 7 seasons have been published. And those 3 seasons are in lower quality than they are available from illegal sources. This was the case with Shameless, for example.

    What other options are there besides torrenting? Subscribe to Amazon prime, HBO and a myriad of domestic entertainment companies in the hope that one of them has the recent episodes? Or buy the remaining seasons from Amazon for $29,99 each + 24% VAT? Oh wait, it says I can't because they aren't available in my country. Blu-Ray DVDs are actually cheaper @ 16,99 but take forever to arrive unless I pay 9 million dollars for fast delivery. Still I can't help but feel a bit ripped off it online content that costs Amazon 0,03 cents to send to me is has a price that's 176% of the price of the physical product that actually costs a few bucks to make. I love Clarkson, Hammond and May, and would be more than happy to pay for their series. But because Amazon is being such a bunch of greedy corporate ****s, I refuse to pay a cent to them on sheer principle.

    When it comes to older content or even sligthtly less-than-mainstream content, availability seems to be zero. I was looking for Kieslowski's Dekalog a while ago, and the only legal option was to import DVDs from the UK for like 100+€ with the pre-brexit exhange rates, VAT, shipping and handling. Seems sort of unreasonable when the series was made in communist Poland by a man who has been dead for decades. Makes me wonder who's hard work I'm stealing again...

    Then there's content that has ZERO delivery channels outside of film festivals, dusty basements and underground record shops... and surprisingly, torrents.

    Hey Amazon, etc. Sincerely:


    Plz keep sending books and razor blades and shit though
  12. the fractured streaming market is shitty
    every network wants to make their own platform and charge subscriptions
    and some of them (hulu) want to still give you ads. **** hulu
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    Only Amazon Prime and Netflix are available here. HBO was here, but they stopped because noone watches it.

    Don't know anyone who has amazon prime either. Lots of people with netflix here. I like Netflix, but it has it's limits. Like Harka said, sometimes there's 5 seasons of a series, but they only show one or two. It's stupid. But overall i like it, watched a lot of new movies and series because of it. Stranger things, breaking bad, homeland, modern family etc. I watched them all because of Netflix.

    I've heard about Hulu, but not available.

    I share my Netflix account with my FIANCÉ in Indonesia. Probably illegal too.
  14. as someone ignorant of the operations of these streaming services, why would they pull back hbo now even if the demand is low?
    does it cost that much more to allow people from the netherlands to stream the shows? i thought the internet was slave to no mans boundaries
  15. i have no idea man. it was pretty expensive though, so i assume the demand was really really really low
  16. This is why we can't have nice things and need to "borrow" them
  17. LOL who knows. I think that's the whole issue of getting rights to broadcast in certain areas and bribing the necessary third world agencies. Perhaps there is too much freedom displayed on their shows.
  18. I hope that's just something of the past 17 or 18 years or so, that marketing/business is still running an old-fashioned machine while the platforms already exist for easy and low-cost global sales. And you knew this shit was coming already from the moment they decided to put regions on dvd releases when dvd was still a new thing. You knew exactly we'd be restricted if it meant an extra few dollars or a bit more exclusivity or whatnot. This behaviour, this completely backwards way of thinking, made piracy as big as it is right now. And all they needed to do was handicap their potential customers.
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  19. (oi and before dvd there was the PAL (europe/3rd world) and NTSC (japan, usa) issue too when it came to even vcr tapes, but I don't think that's marketing related, but just how things kind of went, more or less.
  20. Not super related, but it made me think of this and I enjoyed the history lesson:

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  21. so I went to my friend's place and he only had a 720p screen so I refused to watch TV with him

    ugh 4K or BUST
  22. 4k resolution is only like 8 megapixels. my smartphone cameras pixels are more mega than that.
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    "When a rights holder releases a new title, they want to get as much mileage as possible from that content. They want to sign different distribution deals in different regions and 'clip the ticket' as many times as possible."


    Yeah, keep clinging to that and see how it works out for you in the long run. Whereas a cable company might be able to keep lobbying in Arse End, Tennessee for what effectively is a local monopoly, try doing that globally with all entertainment lol.

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