corvette fiero

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    Perfect Union finished and preparing for Dell's Run.

    Corvette Z06 LS7 engine
    More chrome than Dubai
    Acura NSX-R headlamps
    Ferrari F430 mirrors
    Modified IMSA wide body kit
    Top chopped 3"
    Vertical doors kit
    HRE wheels
    C6 Corvette brakes
    Power steering conversion
    Audi driving lights
    V8Archie custom fiberglass interior
    Momo steering wheel
    4" custom CAI
    3" exhaust with Pypes tips
  2. wonder how much it cost.. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/confused.gif"></A> so much nice stuff.
  3. Well i guess you gotta be impressed with the workmanship and determination that went into this. Just not my style at all.
  4. This car has a serious subwoofer placement problem. The passenger side box was shitty, but I would rather have that than have the subwoofer blasting next to my ear. Why not just ditch the spare tire in the front and put it there? That space is more suitable than the trunk since the trunks location severly distorts and weakens any bass.
  5. That has been my complaint too, it was a trend that started like 10 or 15 years ago and just won't die.

    Actually the passenger side box is adequate enough, fierosound modified it properly. He had already swapped in the Rodney Dickman replacement sub, which is still only around a 4 1/2 or 5" woofer. He ditched that for the Tang-Band subwoofer from Parts-Express. Made an MDF mounting ring, sealed with silicone, stuffed the box with polyfill and modified the horn to the proper size for the new sub. Powered it with an Xtant 1.1i 100w mono amp.

    Not enough for your neighbors four houses down to hear your bass line, but more than enough bass to enjoy inside the car.
  6. What is the dell run?
  7. death disguised as a road.
  8. I like it all except for the borrowed exterior parts but whatever floats your boat I guess. That and the sub location.
  9. That is a much more suitable placement. Can one fit under the driver side too?
  10. if you never wanna access your fuses ever again.
  11. And you need a subwoofer for that because?
  12. you talk like a caterham owner... yet....
  13. looks nice, i like it except for the rims
  14. Poor LS7.
  15. hahahahahaahahahahhahahhahahahahahahaahahhhhahahhaahaahahha
  16. It would be better to just buy a used Z06 for the same price or even cheaper and I would do just that.
  17. All that money and effort and the only other people that will like it are the other mutants that also like Fieros.
  18. the only people who like fieros are the ones who like fieros.

    thanks for the insight professor dahldrin, you can go back to superbars now.
  19. What a waste of an LS7
  20. srsly a real corvette would be cheaper XD
  21. The only people who will like this Fiero are the people who already like Fieros. That was my point. Everyone who's not a Fiero loving mutant will think, "lot of work/money... why in the hell did they use a Fiero?"
  22. wut da hell is wrong with ya?
  24. whats wrong with you people
  25. I own a 98 T/A WS6, a 99 3000GT VR4, a 07 Durango, and a 96 Impala SS.
    With the exception of the T/A, I'll trade you the other three for that Fiero. Seriously. If you ever decide to sell the car, please post it here first.

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