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  1. ........sigh........ugh..........god damnit.
  2. Where did you get that from? What do any of those cars have to do with this thread or my post? Also you aren't getting a 360 for 140k.
  3. Look i never said that i owned a gayballa or what ever its. You people made it up not me.

    Dont try to words in my mouth. If i got owned then weres the proof of ownership? words cant own other people kid action speak louder then words. You people are sooooo weak you all have to ban together in order to hold your ground because non of you cant do it on your own.

    And other thing get a wife and life because its oddvice you like to argue with people.
  4. Ok sure your the asshole around here and what im i going to do about it? not let it get to me like 90% of the suff i say gets to you people.

    BTW If you reply to this its oddvious that i got into your head and pi$$ed you off. only i real adult like myself wouldnt get angry like you and argue.
  5. The NSX is not worth a penny over 40k, its slow compared to the competition, very dated and is no longer the "cheap Ferrari beater"

    you have many cars that are much cheaper that run circles around the NSX now

    maybe because its very overpriced at 90+k that no one is buying one
  6. LOL!!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  7. yeah it shouldnt be worth over 40k performance wise but some people think its a reasonable amount for a nice lookin car
  8. Because you judge the car is it worth its price based on it's HP figure and performance to it's competitors.

    Which makes all those cars just as shitty as NSX.
    Elise is selling for 40g with 190hp Celica engine.
    Elise Type-R is selling for 55g a 200 DC2 ITR engine.
    Ferrari 360 is selling for 140g (yes it is 140g for the 360M) but it got beat by Gallado for the same price and 911 Turbo for 110g.
  9. And also reliable and nice handling.
  10. The NSX is well worth over 80g.
    It's all constructed with expensive material.
    And no one wants to be a "cheap Ferrari beater" except that Corvette Z06.
  11. Wrong, it has nothing to do hp numbers how many times do I have to say this, the fact of the matter is it gets outperformed by it's competitors, yet it costs 2x as much. The Elise is a factory race car and it is incredibly light so it does not need tons of power. Where the hell are you getting 140 grand for a 360 from? I haven't seen a used one for less than 150 grand, and you certainly can't get a new one for that.
  12. 1) Aluminum is not an expensive material.
    2) It's a good thing the NSX doesn't want to be a Ferrari beater, because it isn't even close, hell it can't even think about touching a Z06, and the new 25 grand Mustang GT would give it a hell of a run.
  13. No you dick weed, you're the one that stated you lived in Spain, a town filled with nothing but supercars, and owned a Gemballa Diablo. But wait? Gemballa tunes porsches and have never touched a Diablo SV with twin turbos.

    You gotta be a retard if you think we wont forget about how stupid you are.
  14. Its still considered to have very good dynamics.
  15. I wonder why all the cars that are made of Aluminum cost over 40k
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    Ferrari 360M got outperformed by it's competitors too.
    So what's your point?

    About 360M for 140g...
    go here:$Ferrari@$360%20Modenax.html
    If your place sells it for over 150g for a used one then your place is being screwed.
  17. Z06 can't even thouch the class of the NSX.
    Not even close.
    That car is built with all kind of cheap material.
    ANd the Mustang won't even able to touch the NSX.

    Aluminium is not an expensive material??
    I wounder why all the aluminium constructed cars cost well over 60g.
  18. Yes i live in Spain and yes i own a normal Diablo but thats it. I never said its a town of supercars. I only said i see a few supercars. Also i never said i owned a Gamballa Diablo.

    They never tunned a Diablo SV but a roadster with twin turbos making well over 700bhp.

    You people are stupid non of you have a life nor a car. non of you are into supercars. this is why this site is getting out of control because its people like you who want sit there and argue about dumb sh!t all day. Hmmm thats a sign of a lowlife.
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    BTW the way here it is
    They dont only tunne porsches you idiot these people are like the lingenfeilter company in america they tunne anything.

    Now before you think you know what your talking about maybe you and your friends El Toro and Z06nutSS405 should get out more insead of trying to be a bunch of badasses online.

    Im sick and tired of argueing with a bunch of low life wannabe ryced up street racers. Lets not argue again.
  20. info on this car its referd to as the TXT has 5.4 liter V10 making 400kw, weighs 1300kg,
  21. I own a car. A REAL car. YOu dont own a Diablo and live in a town full of rare supercars. You're the idiot the said you had a Gayballer Twin turbo Diablo.

    Are you scared that we all know that you're a little 12year old fraud with no friends?

    Either ways you're one of the new lieing n00bs that should get there IPs banned.
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    If you can find a 360 for sale in the USA for 140 grand and provide a link to it I'll be very impressed.
  23. Fiberglass is soooooooo cheap these days. The cars that made out of aluminum cars are generally hand built as is the NSX that is why it is expensive. the Corvette may not be as classy but as the NSX, but the NSX can't thouch the Z06's performance. In a straight line I'll bet the new Mustang GT can take out an NSX. The NSX will take it on a track, but you could use the 65 grand you had left to make the Mustang better in every way performance wise. With all of the other good sports car coming out of Japan like the Z, the G35, the S2000, the WRX, and the EVO, none of these cars are more than 40 grand, it's time for Honda to get rid of the NSX.
  24. I don't need to impress you.
    You don't have the money to buy it even if it's selling for 140g anyways.
    And it got out perform by its competitors too.
    So what's your point??
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    Zero to 30 mph: 1.9
    40 mph: 2.9
    50 mph: 4.0
    60 mph: 5.2
    70 mph: 6.8
    80 mph: 8.7
    90 mph: 10.6
    100 mph: 13.2
    110 mph: 16.5
    120 mph: 20.1
    130 mph: 26.1
    Street start, 5-60 mph: 5.9
    Top-gear acceleration, 30-50 mph:10.2
    50-70 mph: 9.5
    Standing 1/4-mile: 13.8 sec @ 102 mph
    Top speed (governor limited): 149 mph

    70-0 mph @ impending lockup: 183 ft

    Roadholding, 300-ft-dia skidpad: 0.87 g
    Understeer: minimal moderate excessive

    By R&T

    Mustang doesn't beat the NSX in straight with 300hp and V8.

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