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  1. So basically what you are saying is you can't find one. That's what I thought. If I had 140 grand to spend on a car I would get a 68 L88 Corvette a car that it's competitors couldn't touch with a 10 foot poll standing 3 feet from the car. The 360 got outperformed by the Z06 too. Now what the hell is YOUR point?
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    I've heard where MT got a 13.6 1/4 with an auto Mustang GT, personally I don't believe it, but in a straight line the performance gap is very small between the two cars, also that R&T test is a joke, they have the Z06 running in the 13s, hahahahaha, no. I've seen stock yes 100% stock Z06s run 12 flats and even dip into the 11s.
  3. I love that blackferrari has a pic of a white NSX as his avatar. It's original.
  4. and i hate it that your picture is blurry..
  5. but the 360 is a Ferrari, the NSX is just a Honda

    wether you like it or not, people will and ARE shelling out the extra money to have the Ferrari when NO ONE is buying the NSX
  6. oh ya its worth well over 80k, maybe thats the reason no one is buying them. they are overpriced and there are many better all around cars out there including the Corvette, Porsche 911's, BMW M3, the upcoming Mustangs, ect ect ect
  7. thus unlike the NSX thats been around since 1990 in pretty much the same form, Ferrari went and built the 430 to take on the Lambo and Porsche.
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    yes the number is high for the ZO6 because the 50th anniversary edition got a 13.4. the ZO6 is more than capable of mid 12's average. Road and Track did the test also
  9. You dont even own a car and if you do so what. You dont have to except the fact that i own a Diablo and i dont live in a town of rare supercars again you made that.

    I never said the Gayballer Diablo that was you and Z06nutSS405 so dont put words in my mouth asshole!

    Whos we? I know im not a 12yearold child like you and your friends here because unlike you i can hold my own. You and your friends however aways ban together when you know i proved you people wrong.

    Sure whatever maybe your the n00b around here because your acting like your shoe size.
    Its people like you who give this site a bad rep and argue with people over the net for stupid sh!t.

    What are you trying to accompish thats so important?
  10. bbcstachas2 owns the worlds only Diablo that can float on water.
  11. Totally and its made by Gayballer 405 BOYZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

    Also dont make me laugh. I OWN A CAR. Unlike your gayass that spouts off nothing but crap.
  12. Zo6 is a new package for the c6 it includes brakes suspension etc. The new toyota, does it actually have chance at being a reg. street car or is it another impossible fantasy car priced over 400,000
  13. Only people like you would make something sooo stupid and try to say that someone else made it.

    I dont care if you own a car or not its non of my buissness nor its non of yours either to know what i have.
    Oh now im gay? Do you even know the true meaning of gay? thats just a sign of losing a meaningless fight over the net. very well its not like i care the worse possble thing is im gay accroding to this moron that doesnt know the true meaning.
  14. Actually the Z06 package debuted in 1963.
  15. he used the name is slang terms... most ever single person knows what gay really means, but thats not the point.

    just post a picture of your lambo. is that hard?
  16. What? i guess

    I have posted pics of it in the past but thats not apart of this topic so why jump from one thing to other?
  17. because your arguing that you have one and nobody believes you, so the next obvious step is to prove everyone wrong... hence posting the picture...
  18. which we will never see.........
  19. It's very easy to find a random picture of a diablo...the picture would need to be with him in the car holding a sign saying "Sean you're a tool"
  20. Yea the 360 got out performed by the Z06 too for 3 times of it's price.
    THe 911 got out performed by the Z06 by 2 times of it's price too.
    So you mean the 360 and 911 are a shitty cars too?
  21. Yea... 360 is a Ferrari and NSX is juat a Honda..
    BIG DEAL!?!?

    People are paying $40g for a GM....
  22. Screw the Corvette.
    it will never touch the class of a REAL super car.
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    We are not discussing about the performance of the Z06 here.

    Look at the spec of the NSX.

    I have seen NSX got low 13 too.
  24. They will also increase the price too.
    And will it able to beat the Lambo and Porsche is still questionable.
  25. and the NSX will never be able to compete with any modern supercar including the Corvette

    oh and class, its a Honda, when i think of class i dont think of Honda

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