Corvette killer

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by 5ftlongskyline, Nov 10, 2004.

  1. It doesnt make since at all
  2. you guys are going off topic, can anyone find any spy pictures yet?
  3. there were some in this forum.
    At the ring. Black.
    And one on the road with yellow mirrors
  4. Just read a small article about it in a Danish magazine with the same pictures as posted on this board. But according to the article rumors say that it's a 5,4L V10. Any here to backup that information is the magazine wrong or what?

    Any solid information about the engine stats at all?
  5. woah woah woah wait wait wtf you dont even know wtf the meaning of the term noob means you think its someone with less than 1000 posts LFAO what... a MORON!!

    let me educate you little boy AGAIN!!.. a noob is someone not only that doesnt have over 1000 posts BUT also is their first time here, meaning they have never been here before, I on the other hand HAVE ive been here almost 2 years yet i had to make a new account due to the system error and my old account was repeat DELETED, In fact ask V8stangman as to how many posts i actually do have.

    "SFTU you know nothing about cars or myself maybe your the R!cer fanboy here because your the one whos defending non other than a car thats a r!cer."

    woah wait you say i know nothing about cars yet you do LMFAO scuse me but WHO was the one who said the supra is wortless and only good for the straight line and then still said that even when hundereds of domestic/import owners/ enthusiests proved you wrong?!!?

    who was the one who said that Gallardos can go off road cause they are AWD?!?!

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  6. because no one thanks to these noobs/ricers can have an intelligent debate or conversation without them spewing thier crap.
  7. You calling someone a ricer is hypocritical as hell and it make me laugh everytime I see it. There is an old saying that when you point your finger at someone you have more pointing at yourself.
  9. Little boy? Im not the who digs the new r!cer cars or has to go on to know about cars!. Son The fact is your a [email protected]! you act like a n00b you dont know nothing about cars.

    Your nothing more than a Toyota supra fan boy!. even BowtieIZbetter knows it i know it that you are a r!cer.

    Dont be mad because the supra isnt as powerful as a corvette. I told you before the supra sucks in overall performance. If it was so great weres its lemans vectory? 14th place doesnt land you a spot in the history books.

    I never said that

    hypocritical? Your the one whos calling me a r!cer but yet your the biggest r!cer/supra fanboy on this site. Your no senior member sure! whatever your a n00b.

    You keep defending the toyota supra like it has been remarkable or something. You defend it like how GNX defends the grand national. Thats proof that you are a r!cerboy.


    You need to look at what you post before you hit the reply botton.

    you need to worrie about your self rather than minding someone else.
  10. There is nothing wrong with supra's.
    And this car is no ricer.

    I heard it had a 3 liter V10.
  11. no they're not
  12. riight im the one who says crap like this:

    i got a friend with a gt that shits all over ricers all day long.

    or the classic

    mustangs cant be rice

    Now THAT makes me laugh

    hmm those fingers pointing back at you eh?

    furthermore i dont point using fingers i point using facts like posts you made.
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  15. "Dont be mad because the supra isnt as powerful as a corvette."
    ME be mad OOOH man no im INFURIATED!!! that i hate it soo much that I like it OOOOH... it makes me SOOO mad..

    "If it was so great weres its lemans vectory?"
    right there dipshit. hmm strange also the toyota GT1 didnt get this magical vitory you speak of yet still it is in the lemans history books like the supra.

    also hmm ever hear of a little thing called the Nuremberg(sp?) ring?
    just cause it didnt win first place in lemans doesnt mean that it didnt make history else where in the road racing world.

    "14th place doesnt land you a spot in the history books."
    right whre you found that it got 14th place

    "I told you before the supra sucks in overall performance."

    "Little boy? Im not the who digs the new r!cer cars or has to go on to know about cars!. Son The fact is your a [email protected]! you act like a n00b you dont know nothing about cars."

    "and ELtoro you need to leave me alone.."

    aww poor bbstachs gunna cwie now <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> poor little baby boy now you go play with your tonka trucks kay.
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    i act like a noob BWAHAHAHAHAHAH

    pardon me but whose been on these boards longer thatn you have AND whoese the one thats #1 on the banning list?

    sure aint me.

    "Im not the who digs the new r!cer cars or has to go on google to look up info"

    i dig ricer cars? umm when did i ever show a pic of cars that i liked that were modifed in non-performance ways? or say crap like you? without providing any evidence?

    google eh? strange how i also provided proof from other sources such as my own experinces with actual road racers like ROd millen and Mani jayasinghie and others, and google eh well hmmm that information i get from there is wrong??!! youve obviously never heard of proof eh? lets see yours mr allmighty knowing riceboy.

    Im not only a supra "fanboy" im also a corvette, ls1, dodge charger, shelby 550, (any other shelby product) nsx, s2000, ferrari, lamborghini, viper, etc. person, meaning gee im a car enthusist who loves fast cars, and hates morons like you that give it bad names and claim that cars that you only heard about from riceboys like you suck when real car enthusiests know they dont.

    you always say you never said anyting you said, yet there are hUNDREDS in fact this whole board including your buttbuddy, riceboy friends can prove it.
  16. Here you go spamming again! with your garbage. You think im someone that i have never even herd of but im not so WTF is your problem?
  17. The Supra isnt in the Lemans history book sh!tbag! it will never be remembered like the corvettes. You think Toyota is badass but there not because if they were all so great today they would be still running supras owning the C-5Rs. Guess were they are now? Thats right Retired! The only way they will be remember is entering lemans thats it.

    The N-ring doesnt win championships!

    You argued about "14th place isnt such a bad place at all"

    You argued with me saying the supra is godlike and you even argued with BotieIZbetter about that a Supra is better than a V-8. So dont give me non of that sh!t.

    Sport just remember im not the one defending a Toyota and getting info from about cars because unlike you i know what cars are better and which ones are overated.

    You do because it sounds like your still mad over that post arguement that i proved your sorry ass wrong that toyota sucks overall!. Your so childish

    Whats this now your going off topic about me getting banned? its sounds like someone is getting owned.BTW i have told the AIM what you have been doing and again you target me. I wasnt even trying to argue but no you go on talking sh!t about me behind my back.

    You defend rycer cars like you defending a country so dont give me that BS.

    I never said that the proof from is wrong. You just dont know jackshit about cars.

    Sure your a closit fanboy of Toyota I know it and BotieIZbetter know it and so does GNX. Otherwise you would except the fact that this new Z06 is going to be superior over the new supra. But what do you do? You argue with people trying to make them believe Toyota is the savrior of supercars!. Its morons like you that give cars a bad name!

    You=r!cerfanboy bottom line

    You think you know me but your spamming a bunch of nonsince around here trying to spark arguements and thinking you know all these facts about cars when you dont. Fact is you dont know me, You dont know shit about cars. and your a ricer/toyotasuprafanboy.

    P.S thats all i have to say about you!....the end!
  18. oh no!! please no!!!

    tell me its someone that has your username and password.................please.........................i dont think i can handle more of you.
  19. wow guys, get back on topic.... <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    anyways i'd just like to say it again.... japanese cars (most of them) are just honestly getting uglier everytime they redesign them.
  20. where the hell have you been Danno <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> youve missed out on ALOT of fun that the board has been having with hisl little pals.


    the nurumberg doesnt win championships!
    no not the kind you think of but it not only does that but ALSO gives spots in the history books.

    yet meh... ill beat more sense into you when im more in the mood, your shit is the stuff i save for when im bored and dont want to waste net time on, cause its so ignorant and usless

    "I owned your ass about the supra"
    man your delusional, hey where you get your ganja at, it looks like its some top notch shit. i want some <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
  21. bbstachs and morons like him are just too fun to poke at and do scientific experiments on, especially when they are THAT dumb.
  22. Americans and Europeans are attacking jap cars more these days Why?


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