Corvette Z06: America vs. the World

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ajzahn, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. Lets see Ill take the Z06, a GSX R 1000, an M5 and a Dodge Viper and take a vacation with the money and F430 will cost you.
  2. Let's see. I own a Ferrari F430 and about 6 other cars. I also own a yacht and have 5 supermodel girlfriends.

    By the way, I hate you.
  3. wow thats one awesome car, "The Noble broke down after it's first lap, but still its better than the Z06" the Z06 is and incredible car just because the euro car is twice the price and has more "passion" or a better inteior doesn't everyone has to give it the short end of the stick.
  4. Corvette is the best car for the money
  5. im gunna eat shit for that
  6. Z06= 996 911 Turbo
  8. Ford GT mother#$%#ers.
  9. True, but could I afford both I'd get the F430 and still be just as happy.
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  11. none of which will even come close to owning a f430
  12. Your right, none of which come with a penis pump.
  13. lame reply
  14. your reply was even worse than his
  15. yes.

    obviously all of these cars have something going for them, and most of them something more appealing than the Z06 is, but thats why they always mention in these articals the price of the Z06, so bickering and saying i would take the (insert 200k comparible car) over the Z06 is stupid... almost as stupid as saying the (insert 200k comparible car) is obsolete because of the much cheaper Z06.

    while they offer many simularities, rarely are they on the same lists for ownership.
  16. GSXR-1000 alone wipes a F430 all over the floor in terms of thrills. M5 is quicker, and comfier. Z06 is just plain awesome/.
  17. F430 > Carrera S > Corvette > Mitsu
  18. m5 insnt quicker, the z06 is awesome, but it dont come close to the f430, and the gsxr-100 is like riding your own coffin.
  19. your right, the F430 is a way better car. not nessiarly preformance wise but just because that it has a better feel and the interior is all around better in every aspect. (looks are better too)
  20. the Z06 is not just about straight line, it was faster than the Porsche 996 GT2 on Nurburbring
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    ... but not that much faster even though it has a better power-to-weight ratio:

    7:42.9 - 160.207 km/h -- Corvette Z06, 500 PS/1319 kg, Jan Magnusen, (Sporbilen, jun,26 05),
    7:43 --- 160.173 km/h -- Porsche 996 GT3 RS, factory test driver Walter Roehrl (MOTOR magazine)
    7:46 --- 159.142 km/h -- Porsche 996 GT2, 462 PS/1450 kg (sport auto 06/01)
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    i heard it was the 'blue devil' car that ran at the ring.
  23. that was just a rumour
  24. I'd definitely take Gallardo SE
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