Corvette Z06 vs Ferrari F430

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  1. 1.)No,the LS7 is not lighter or smaller.Displacement means EVERYTHING.More displacement = more power/torque,less weight(because VVT or turbochargers are not needed)
  2. Are you #$%#ing stupid? A turbocharged 2 liter cranking out 500 bhp is going to weight less than a similarly powered NA 5 liter.
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  4. Probably but is there a 500hp 2L engine that is as reliable as a 500hp 5L engine?Then there's the problem of consumption,emissions,service intervals,drivability,...
  5. and if its roof flew off during testing.
  6. Yeah, there is. The 4G63 as found in the Lancer Evolution. Tuners have broken 1000 AWHP on built motors, and 500 crank horsepower on stock internals isn't anything special.

    And we're talking about weight here. Nothing else. To even suggest that large displacement engines are lighter than similarly powered turbocharged engines is laughable.
  7. When talking about this you cannot assume anything. Your assuming that all things are equil, not every 5L engine is going to make the same amount of power.
    And having seen inside the enigne bay of the F430 I can tell you its definetly bigger.
    The F430s engine weighs 413lbs bare according to this site, and the LS7 weighs 440lbs with water pump, coils, y body engine mount brackets, Z06 exhaust manifolds and clutch/flywheel, the clutch/flywheel assembly weigh 57lbs alone, you do the math.
  8. I think some people here are completly disconnected from reality seriously
  9. No need to argue these wouldnt stand a chance against the Dauer 962 <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  10. Prove us wrong, then.
  11. ...And ironically thats coming from you...
  12. I think he's trying to say Displacement does not always determine physical size and weight of an engine, The type does as well, being a pushrod V8 small block with a dry sump makes it incredibly small for its displacement.
  13. Both cars are pretty evenly matched.
  14. Wanna talk only about engine weights? Fine.Let's compare the F1 Mercedes V10 to the Gallardo engine.The Mercedes had 926hp for about 90kg.The Gallardo has 500hp for 220kg.

    So know we talked about engine weights and power...I don't know if you already notice but I think there's something wrong with this comparison...
  15. advanced weight reduction system <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  16. The 430 is not always the best in terms of figures. But if you consider all aspects:

    Design, technology, heritage, brand value, sound, handling, performance the 430 is the best in my opinion. Lap times and 0-60/100 times are not proportional with the pleasure of owning and driving a car. It takes a lot more than lap times to make a car desireable and desireable that is what 430 is. It is just a fact. Go to a track day or a motor show to experience the cars and see what cars that attract the crowds. It is not them with the best lap times. It is the cars that awake the most feelings = the cars with the prancing horse or the raging bull.

    I went to the local Ferrari/Maserati dealer yesterday. He told me that even being in production for two years now there is still a 1,5-2 years waiting list on the 430. This is because the 430 is perfectly desireable.
    And still it performs very well in most tests. it even won the American Car and Driver test against Ford GT, Gallardo, DB9, SL65 and Porsche Turbo
  17. If it brings joy to the owner it is.
    It is a pleasure to owe something of great quality and great heritage but if you are sorround by discount products you wouldn´t know.

    I´m sorry about my username I will change it asap.
  18. The Displacement-Weight relationship for engine is not always proportional. There are many examples of higher displacement engines that weigh less than engines of lower displacement. Examples include the AMG 6.3 V8 vs the ///M 5.0L V10 where the AMG engine weighs less than the S85 (the M5 engine). Another example, the TVR V8 (4.5 liters of it) weighs less than a Honda H22A. Hah!
  19. No, generally its the rarest, most flashy or expencive car. Its the car that people are curious about because they never see one, or maybe never even heard of it. That doesnt make "passoin." I would suspect that the Zonda would attract a bigger crowd than the very first production Ferrari, simply out of how 'different' it looks. Does this mean it has more passion?
    Again, before some crybaby fanboy quotes me, NO WHERE did I say the F430 isnt worth the money, or cant perform.
  20. You're comparing an F1 engine to a street engine, which has nothing to do with anything. A good turbocharged 4-banger like the 4G63 at 500 horsepower isn't going to need to be rebuilt every other week like an F1 engine. If the mods are done right, it'll be plenty reliable.
  21. I'm quite aware of this, which is why I recognize the LS7 as the great engine that it is. However, the displacement needed to get a certain amount of power out of an NA engine will almost certainly make that engine heavier than a similarly powered turbocharged engine.
  22. It's a #$%#ing bag. It is a hollow sack of material with two handles. To me, as long as it doesn't fall apart, it's a quality product. You don't have to sit in it on a daily basis like you do in a car. I'd like to meet the man who buys a bag because of "great heritage", though, so I could laugh in his face.
  23. Engine weight is a pretty overrated stat. It's more important the way that you package the engine and how it works as a whole with the chassis than just engine weight alone. Having said that the LS7 is an outstanding engine and one of the best V8s ever made.
  24. P996T?
  25. I would probably punch him in the face, but yeah, then I'd laugh.

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