Corvette Z06 vs Ferrari F430

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  1. In what way exactly? What components would be needed to make it heavier to produce equivalent power?
  2. Displacement, I suppose. It isn't always an indicator of size, but to an extent, it is. The LS7 is certainly remarkable for its displacement, but it will never be as small as the 4G63 or a similar turbocharged four cylinder. I'm sure you could get the two close in terms of weight if the NA engine was made all of titanium or something of the like and the turbocharged one was all steel, but if materials used are the same, an NA engine producing 500 bhp is going to be bigger/heavier than a similarly powered turbocharged engine.

    Like I said before, built 4G63s (2.3 stroker kits) have broken 1000 AWHP. Do you really think you could build a 1000+ horsepower NA engine weighing less than a 2 liter I4?
  3. No you idiot, people race engines, not cars. Understand?
  4. yeah, it's possible to build a N/A engine with more displacement w/ less weight with equivalent horsepower. But that's mostly for racing purposes (since the RPM would be ridiculously high). If you are talking about street applications.

    But also, I'd like to add; would the turbo, fuel rails, intake, Heat botx, etc. (namely the ingredients for a 1000hp evo) be considered part of the engine? B/C some car manufacturers include the air inductors when they weigh their engines...
  5. Yeah, I was talking about street applications.

    I don't know if those would be considered part of the engine, but am quite sure it would still weigh considerably less than a similarly powered NA street engine even if they were.
  6. yeah i guess. A Huge Turbo like a GT42 or a SP77 would weight about 20lbs, and there is the intercooler that's about that. But also keep in mind that the 4G63 is an iron block, which makes it a bit heavier than most I4s, and I bet the pistons used for the 1000hp evo were forged.
  7. The engines weight in no way affects the cars overall weight, or weight distrabution.
  8. Seriously, if you are a multi-millionaire, why would you buy a Chevy over a Ferrari? Because the Chevy is as fast as the F430 and it cost 3-4 times less? Hell no. They dont give a @%^& about the performance!
  9. Not all multi-millionaires are the same. Some of them would buy both cars.
  10. Who has ever seen a Vette in Monaco?
  11. Very true. Yes, the car under the cover is a murcielago.
  12. "The engine's weight in no way affects the car's overall weight, or weight distribution."*

    Read Scorp's post, idiot.
  13. Read my post, idiot.
  14. I did, it's a spelling/typo sarcastic, nightmare. Idiot.
  15. Thats right, when you cant argue attack the spelling.
  16. That's the perfect Corvette.
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  21. I'm sure "they" would <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
  22. All multi-millionaires live in Monaco.
  23. I was just talking to a guy IRL who just ordered a blue '07 Z06.
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  25. Ferrari V8 > god

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