Cougars get no Recognition !

Discussion in '1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator' started by cougman, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. How many factory ass'bld. cars, recieved these standard features, that the "Classic" Mecury Cougar came with?
    I'll name a few
    Hideaway headlights
    Sequential Rear Turn Signals
    Leather Interior with XR-7 pckg.
    Walnut Dash on XR-7
    Hood Scoop on GT-E & Eliminator
    Two -Tone Paint Scheme on GT-E
    427 Sideoiler or later prod. 428 C.J. on GT-E

    These cars are out there , waiting for another chance to roam the highways . Just Pure American Classic Muscle with a little styling thrown in !
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    "at the sign of the cat"<!-- Signature -->
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    "at the sign of the cat"

    What the hell does that mean!?!?
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    Growl, Rowr... etc.<!-- Signature -->
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    I think Sodapop is on drugs...
    but this IS a nice car.<!-- Signature -->
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    true, cougars are underappreciated...hard to believe since they are basically longer mustangs with added niceties...and we all know how overpopular the mustangs are (thats not to diss 'em, i drive a mustang myself)
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    i didnt realilze what badasses these cars were until there was a show on speed channel...the shelby 428's and the 4speeds! damn these ARE mustle cars! they are gorgeous if you get the right paint on it.<!-- Signature -->
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    This thing is bad. I was cruisin' around in my GTO and a black XR-7 pulled up beside me in a stop light. That thing had a nice purring engine! They should be more appreciated, and should post up the XR-7
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    did you mean to say "This thing is bad"? casuase it sounds like you like this car
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    I own a 67 XR7 Cougar with a 390 GT in it I slapped aluminim heads and intake on it 12-1 pistins hooker headers a Ford 9inch rearend 4-10
    gears an that mother #$%#er ran a 11.9 Cougars are under apreaciated
    these cars are bad ass
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    damn straight this is a nice Musclecar...Cougars are probably the most underrated Musclecars out there. I love old Cougar Musclecars, too bad the Cougar line has been discontinued, but we will always have the old Cougar Elimintators and such tearin' it up at the strip or kickin butt at car shows...the Cougars were badass!
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    yea man thats the shit we wanna hear

    can u post pics of it?
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    wow dude, you have to post some pics of it!!! would love to see your 11.9 XR7..sounds like it is hella fun to race, too..
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    yes this car gest no recognition.It was better finished and built than the stang.It even has more luxury in the interior.There was also some boss cougar built according some ford people.

    nevermins it is a great muscle car.


  15. whats up every body. let me start by saying damn straight cougars are bad ass. i drive a 70 elim clone, that i'm building. right know it's a daily but i hope to go to bracket after a while.that being said who else has a cat?
  16. my friends uncle has 2
  17. Triple Black Sleeper ..... The Ultimate Hemi Hunter equipped with a 390 hp 427 SO.
  18. All 4 of these are FE powered , either by 428 Cobra-Jet or 427 Sideoiler's .

    Why didn't they put the 427 SO in a Mustang ??
  19. id have to agree cougars are underapriciated...i have a '72 xr7 with the original 351c beefed up a bit...and makes for one hell of a sleeper....bring on the ricers.....already need new tires for all the burnouts.....

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