Could waste any ryce rocket any day

Discussion in '1988 Callaway Sledgehammer Corvette' started by muscle_cars, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Look at the hp, look at the weight, look at the speed.
    Anything better? Yah right.
    Break neck acceration too.
    The fastest car on this website fo shure.
    Find me a japanese car that can go that fast and ill apologize for saying that japanese cars suck my dick.
    peace out, good old american cars rule
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    does this car even count? they only made one<!-- Signature -->
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    u just gotta look at the stats and u know it can waste jap cars. it can waste most cars on the road, u didnt even have to make that post its pretty obvious!
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    Well thats a fact and not an informative opinion dick head!
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    there is only one of these so i dosnt matter, untill its a production car no one cares.
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    The men at Callaway would be proud. Their high budget Corvette, designed specifically for top speed, is faster than a 20,000 USD hopped up economy car. And to think Callaway thought he had only run a top speed record...
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    The only Jap car that could possibly take this in top speed is the JUN supra (not the drift version). Unfortunately, it has never been officially tested though there are unofficial timings of the car going at around the 250 mph mark. BTW, this supra has 1200 hp.

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    it cant waste anything sitting unused, in a museum somewhere. and im looking at the stats now and oops , theres the 0-60 time. the less said about that the better. if top speed is all you have then be prepared to lose on anything but 8 miles of straight track.
  9. I doubt that any street legal Supra or Skyline is gonna top this.

    American's have nothing to prove to the Japs other than possibly building hybrids.

    They aren't to far from the Europeans either just look at Z06, SRT-10 and FGT, those would own a Gallardo, F-430 and 997 at any givin day. Ford is planning on a new Supercar sometime in 08 and Dodge will be releasing a new Viper around the same time.

    Lamborghini will have alot of catching up to do if GM releases this Blue Devil because it will be cheaper and faster than any lambo produced. The Z06 is faster and suprior to the Murcielago and Gallardo in performance to bad it looks like shit but they are nocking on the doors at! pretty soon lambo owners are gonna have to start moding there lambo's to beat a stock Corvette!. lol!. That sad.

    Ferrari on the other hand better be thinking of bringing back the turbo and porsche better bring something more powerfull than a 911.
  10. The Z06 is better than a Murcielago? uh no. For the price, yes. . .it is an amazing car, but it is not a Murcielago beater.

  11. Murcielago 7:52
    C6 Z06 7:42
    Looks like lambo owners better start hitting up there local tunner shop.

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