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  1. Cmon I just got my teeth pulled, do me a favor and play a few rounds with me.
  2. Okay bump. EB and I are playing CS: Source. Join up or I hate you.

    Dust 2 -
  3. id join, but id have to reinstall steam and cs:source and all that bullshit, i'll do it later tonite, i'll play another time
  4. you have made approximately a billion threads called counterstrike
  5. it IS the best game ever made, it deserves at least 2 billion threads.
  6. not even
  7. Play Battlefield 2 instead.
  8. even
  9. I just bought source today, havent got my new PC yet, so youll have to wait.
  10. the new militia is pretty kickass, i thought they were gonna #$%# it up, but its still awesome.
  11. I need to buy that game
  12. I haven't played the new militia yet..that's probably what i'm downloading with this update.
  13. Eew source. Aside from blowing up computers in office and throwing grenades at corpses, 1.6 is better then source in pretty much everything.
  14. aside from the 10 million hackers on 1.6.....
  15. I love my 1.6
  16. Find serves with admins on often. Favorites list is your friend.
  17. 1.6 is teh b3st
  18. DoD:S instead
  19. steam is t3h evil

    no way I will install that ever again
  20. Great screen shots. source is sweet looking
  21. Lol, the M4 there has it's stock fully collapsed...
  22. NOw that I look at it even closer they totally fvcked that M4 up... They have the ejector port, forward assist, and mag release button all on the wrong side!
  23. I'm fairly sure that when it's left-hand view it's proper.

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