Coupe specs?

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  1. I know that the sedan gets 0-60 of 6.2'ish, quarter mile of about 14.6 and 60-0 in 110 ft. and drag of .27 (.26 with aero thingy)

    Does anyone know of any numbers for the coupe with manual transmission?
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    Coupe with man trans is in the 5.6ish area. Sorry i dont know the Q/M.
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    The tests range from 5.5 to 6.0 depending on who is driving, how and in what conditions. It seems that most run in the 5.7 to 5.8 area. The automatic runs 6.2 on an average,
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    I saw somewhere 0-60 in 5.6 and 1/4 mile of 13.2
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    hey everyone,

    the coupe is 280 hp,270 lbs. of torque 3.5 liter v6, sport tuned exhaust, it is a real wheel drive car, with a vehicle dynamic control system.

    0-60 is around 5.8, there is either the standard 5 speed tiptronic transmission, or the 6 speed which is a short throw shifter, and has standard brembo brakes. the cars have a beautiful leather interior, bose systems, sunroofs, and if you need to you can fit 4 people in them comfortablly. these cars are awesome, i drive them everyday, and it blows the 350z away, the Z has a little more horsepower but you lose a lot more. it is the perfect blend of sport and luxury coupe, however, the best way to see for yourself is to drive one. come in and see me and i will be happy to go for a drive, i have over 150 G35 coupes in stock, stop in at Coconut Creek Infiniti in south florida, ask for Jason.

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    good info

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