Craig disses Aston, Get's a Lotus instead

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by KRSONe1, Dec 1, 2008.

  1. By Edward Niedermeyer
    December 1st, 2008 -

    We gave Bond actor Daniel Craig a pass when he turned down the free Aston Martin of his choice as a perk for his silver screen Aston pimping. After all, London is one of the least driver-friendly city in the developed world, and as Craig put it “I live in London and it doesn’t make sense to drive an Aston Martin there. I’ve nowhere to park it.” And we bought his line, citing our own Adrian Imonti’s maxim that “driving in London just for fun is as sensible as rollerblading on the autobahn.” But, while we were defending Craig from the editorial assault of no less an authority than Pistonheads, 007 apparently went off the reservation and placed an order for a new Lotus Evora (while Aston burns). According to eGMCartech, Daniel Craig has joined half the celebrities on earth who are getting in line for the mid-engined 2+2. Other takers? London Mayor (and congestion charge slayer) Boris Johnson, Top Gear UK presenters Richard Hammond and James May, Craig;s Bond predecessor Pierce Brosnan, Jay Leno, Jamiroquai’s Jay Kay, supermodel Jodie Kidd, Beyoncé Knowles, Dave Grőhl, Kelly Rowland, George Clooney, Kevin Spacey, Patrick Dempsey and J-Lo. So this is clearly the “it” car of 2009, and apparently parking in London isn’t as big a deal as we thought. But wouldn’t you rather have an Aston for free?
  2. I'm curious to see what other cars he owns...
  3. WAIT.... Aston offered him a free car of his choice, and he TURNED IT DOWN?!! thats painful to hear. I would kill for any modern day aston.
  4. As I recall he couldn't even drive a manual before filming Casino Royale, so probably nothing very exciting.
  5. And I had no idea the new Lotus was that popular.
  6. whoa, I just read that the Evora weighs 3000lbs. That can't be right!
  7. not cool craig
  8. oh right, I remember that part...ouch
  9. LOL
  10. Same here. Sounds strange.
    Is the Evora free of congestion charge?
  11. Wouldve got a DBS
  13. LOL :\
  14. I've read an interview with him where he gave Aston a lot of praise, but said he'd feel ridiculous driving an Aston Martin out in the real world given that he's the actor playing James Bond. Taking his character a bit too far, I guess. I'd feel the same way.

    That's an astonishing selection of celebrities signed up for the Evora, though. I'd call that car a success already.
  15. i agree with playing 007 and drive a aston on the real world would be a bit odd, but damn! how can he miss out on that? drive it in deserted country roads where no one will see him.

    wow at the evora too. i think its way too bland looking to be so sucessful with celebs like j-lo and others...
  16. He's not even a proper Bond, and now he an idiotic #$%#?

  17. aston DBS > lotus evora ........ x 84721582580975

    now if he had bought a nice esprit v8 or sport350 instead, then all could be forgiven
  18. agreed
  19. How can't that be right?
  20. Pierce Brosnan drives a Vanquish, wich I think is pretty cool
  21. That's way too heavy, unless I seriously underestimate the size of the car.
  22. It's about the same size as the old Esprit, which also happened to weighs more than 3000LBS.
    It's allot bigger then the Exige.
  23. Beyonce and Lotus Evora ? WTF ?
  24. who cares? the car is so beautiful just put it in your living room as a trophy or something
  25. who cares? the car is so beautiful just put it in your living room as a trophy or something

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