Crash near my house

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Caparo T1 pwns all, Mar 17, 2008.

  1. I live in a town where nothing happens. The cops wet themselves when ever there is the slightest disturbance. But last night they got a big thrill. I'm not exactly sure, there are a lot of rumors going around. But here is what I gather. A dude was doing almost 90 in a 35 zone a block from my house. He must have been drunk, distracted, or retarted (or all of the above) but he didnt know that he had to either turn right or left and he went straight. He crashed through a lot of trees and shrubs and flipped on to the train tracks nearby. There were like 30 cop cars and 15 ambulances there to help and stop the train. I think I saw a firetruck or two. I'm not sure who was driving or wether they are dead, injured, or fine.
  2. You lost me @ "I live in a town where nothing happens"
  3. how has it been one whole day and you still don't know shit about this apparently huge event in your small town??
  4. well none of the cops are saying anything, theres been nothing in the paper. It seems to be someone from out of town. Plus there are so many other stories flying around I cant determine whats true or not
  5. If thats an exciting event where your from, I'm surprised there aren't a lot more suicides then this.
  6. there was one that happened a few years ago not that far from me. not even kidding. dude hung himself in the woods.
    I just remebered a dude about 4 blocks from me hung himself in his garage.
    You are opening my eyes.
  7. youre next?
  8. Montreal.
  9. was it a caparo t1? that car pwns all
  10. Car crush.
  11. I live in a country where nothing happens. Every murder victim or soldier dead overseas makes front page news. And I think it's pretty nice.

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