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  1. A crash , you're dead...these men were crazy !!
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    Indeed, I don't see any reinforcements at all. Not even a rollbar.The tires are not even secured with a steel wire, like today's F1 race cars. Flip this car, and you'll probably loose your head. The spectators aren't safe either. The courses didn't have fence protection. Any pieces flying away from a crash could land in the spectator stand. Not very safe... But hell we learned a lot.

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    Wow, 5-speeds existed in the 60's? Kool! Did this car really have a EPA City/Hwy of 210. Did Supercars make a typo and were supposed to put 2.10? If this thing had 210 per gallon, Ferrari rules. If not, I understand. Barely any cars had a fuel effeciency over 15 in the sixties.
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    These men were brave, and helped pathe the way for todays drivers.And yes, they were a bit crazy.....<!-- Signature -->
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    nicely done
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    In 1967, Dan Gurney refused to have seatbelts installed in his F1 car (top speed 190, winner of the Belgian GP that year) because with all the magnesium used and the race fuel, he figured he'd rather get thrown from the car than burn.

    We can thank Jackie Stewart, Nikki Lauda, and others like them for most of the safety advances in F1 racing.

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