Crazy?! Z07???

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  1. Am I crazy or what. Driving down the freeway I see a red blur to my right and look... I spot a corvette and dismis it due to its common presence... (And being the corvette hater I am) But I notice something different... The badge.... Not a standard looking Z06 badge but black... So I look closer and it is a "Z07" so I mouth the words questioningly to the driver and he floors it and takes off ahead... It had a different sound... It was very loud with 4 pipes as exhaust... Must of been 4 1/2 in diameter.... The sound was not smooth but rattly is I guess how i would explain it... I don't know what to think... If I could compare it to anything I guess it would be this current bodystyle Lingenfelter Corvette I saw on a video of kazaa... It was a ZR71 or somthing of that style. It was hard to read, it was a bad quality video... And I watched it take off and on the back I saw the liscense number of "REV R UP" (texas plate). As for the driver he was in a button up white collared shirt like a executive or something. Is this possible that there is a Z07? What did happen though is I looked up his liscense plate on a database I have signed up for and got this I don't think it makes much sense but It could be out of date and the liscense plate carried over to this new car, this new "Z07"...

    VIN: 1G1YY22G7V5102643
    Year: 1997
    Make: Chevrolet
    Model: Corvette
    Style/Body: 2 Door Coupe
    Engine: 5.7L V8 MPI
    Country of Assembly: United States

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    The Z07 is an aftermarket kit offered by Motorsport Technologies Incorporated ( They advertise the Z07 as 550+ hp from a 427 aluminum LS6 block, ported and polished heads, custom cam, 4340 forged crank, and lots of other exotic stuff (I won't ramble on that long), all with a 2 year, 24000 mile warranty. They have suspension and brake upgrades depending on preference as well. They show an example of their work, a black C5 that really looks sharp, that runs the quarter in 9.74@147mph. Beyond the badging, they look like real sleepers, too.
    (Also, the exhaust is listed as being 3", just so you know)
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    Do you have the 0-60 time and mabey the cost of the package... Does any corvette qualify?
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    The package costs $18K, plus there are some extras you can get for a little more cash. I'm pretty sure you can get the conversion for any C5.
    As for 0-60, their website and ads don't have that posted, though the site has a dyno sheet for the engine and the ads gave that quarter time I posted earlier. I'd imagine its rather quick, say perhaps around 3 flat if its running mid to high 9s for a quarter mile.
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    Yea the Z07 is a after market kit.

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