CTSV lost passion

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  1. when it started offering a automatic. Yes, I know you can still option for a manual. This car is american, it's meant for americans primarily, and americans will order theirs with automatics.
  2. Car companies are around to sell cars. If no one buys them, it defeats the purpose.
  3. It's American, of course it has no passion. Americans form of passion is a massive V8 in some car that's as exciting as a dead fish.
  4. Why manuell gearbox.?????????????????????+++++++++
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    Well, I believe it was variant or someone else who on some other threads page way back when said that, "Europe will always have there high-revving V12s and America well always have our so-called, 'big, bulky & massive V8s,'"oh...yeah back in 1964-1974...everybody around the world didn't seem to mind the...God forsaken fu*kin' "massive" V-8s...PAL!! Oh...btw back in 1964 Carroll Shelby went up to the CEO (at that time) of AC Cars...and used it for a base of his own sports car...(i.e, the 427 S/C Cobra)...remember that one??? Well, I just guess it's just a cryin' shame to have that as our passion, huh?? So I guess deal with it....and....oh, yeah btw, this so-called "massive" V-8, (that obviously powers the '09-present CTS-V) just recorded a lap record around Nurburgring, (that's Nordscheilfe to you, me and the rest of SC.net) in 7:59.07sec. as the fastest production sedan, so still a "dead fish" huh?? Oh, key word there is "S..E..D..A..N..", btw, Road & Track talks more about it in this months issue or on their home page of their website....oh....you.....know.... www.roadandtrack.com.

    As if you also couldn't tell I don't see anything wrong with this car, that's just my own opinion. Oh, yeah I've got an issue of Motor Trend August '05 Jan Magnuson of Corvette Racing Team back then tested the '05 preproduction Z06 that did a 7:38.42 sec. time that Motor Trend witnessed and reported about, do you remember that?? Also in that same report I believe pg. 20-35 a Porsche Senior Test Driver said, "any good driver can do 8 minutes in a standard Porsche, but a great driver can do it in under 8 minutes in that same Porsche around the 'ring." So if you didn't want to take my word for it there it is for ya....and....oh....yeah, he later said, "anyone that goes under seven/half minutes has to have a great car as well not just being a great driver." Which btw this machine came within 29.39 sec. of doing the production car lap record AND THAT'S ON STREET TIRES!!!! Also...btw, how DID the '09 ZR1 and '09 Viper SRT-10 ACR do around the 'ring...huh??? Well, it appears that Americas so-called, "massive" V-8s are here to stay, as long as we still have'em! Read it and....um....oh, yeah....weep, dude!!!!
  6. I can't wait until I can afford to buy 09 CTSV in about 2011! Regardless...I'm gonna buy one!
  7. It never had passion to begin with.

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