Cucumber #$%#er

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Girl who I've been seeing lately was drunk last night and told me that she buys extra large long thick cucumbers and #$%#s them
  2. she also said that if i stick around she may not have to do this anymore
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    Gals (and 84FordMans) gotta be careful with veggies
  4. I wonder if AMG has tried this
    (just because he talks of being poor and lonely)
  5. I wonder if corks would #$%# a dude in blackface and a curly hair wig
  6. Tell her to invest in a dildo, they last longer
  7. But are not edible.
  8. this

    we literally do not give a flying #$%# about information like this unless pics are involved.
  9. may not have to ....
  10. she needs to switch to courgette or eggplant.
  11. I have #$%#ed a courgette a few times
  12. Corks tell me this girl's number, we'd prolly get along quite well

    Also post picture of said gurl
  13. Real girls use pineapples.
  15. New corks thread, it's about his dick.
  16. what
  17. what
  18. Haven't you ever #$%#ed vegetables? As a tween I didn't know fleshlights even existed and huge courgettes grew in our garden. A little creativity + courgette -> profit.
  19. Ive only used my hand
  20. That's because you weren't innovative!

    Cancel that corks girl thing btw, my penis can't compete with an extra large cucumber ffs.
  21. she sent me a pic of her laying in bed with the cuke between her tits

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