Cucumber #$%#er

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Sep 4, 2013.

  1. Pics or it didn't happen.
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  3. Who sends something like that? That's not sexy, that's creepy.
  4. Is this the nerd girl that you took the picture with before?
  5. no
  6. this girl is very, very crazy. like im actually scared to stop seeing her as this point, stage 5 clinger and just flat out insane.

    its a bad situation, but the sex is great, but still.
  7. this is not an enviable position to be in.

    stuck with an insane chick AND having to measure up to a cucumber.

    what's it like #$%#ing her? can you even tell?

    did you send a picture back with you #$%#ing a hallowed out honeydew?
  8. nah her puss is great
  9. nah. it probably isnt.
  10. Put it up her butt and pee.
  11. nice double brag, well done buddy.

    throw something in about benching 285 before its too late
  12. 225, i deadlifted 350 the other day though.
  13. Ounces?
  14. Welcome to, where we have the life and falls of Markl, a.k.a. Corks.

  15. Speaking of that, did the forum traffic just pick up? Seems like more posts than usual. The wonders of corks and his cucumber.
  16. I know this is and all, but lets face it, vaginas have a lot of elasticity. It would take a shitload of cucumbering over a long period of time to cause her to feel like a football sock.

    Either that or Corks having a small penor.
  17. People hate to admit the truth
  18. A honeydew you say...

    I need to try this

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  20. you make an uncomfortable amount of threads about your dick
  21. now you know what your ex felt.
  22. And who buys plastic-wrapped cucumbers?
  24. in a way, this is very true.

    makes me see things a lot differently. you live and you learn.
  25. oooo dat dress so scandalous, and you know another nigga can't handle it, see you shakin' dat thing like "who da ish?" with a look in your eyes so devilish.

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