curious about both F40 and F50 *no kids, serious car ppl only*

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    At a local event I had the pleasure to talk about this with a guy who specialices in selling these exotics. He has even tested them booth at the same time when writing for a magazine. I don't know if the F40 was quicker, but he said it feels like it is. He also said it's feels more like a race car than F50. To me it just sounds like F40 is more fun to drive, not that it matters, I'll never get the chance to drive one. Boo hoo=(
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    I think the F40 is better. It looks better, and is slightly faster in a straight line. The F50 handles better, but the F40 wins because of its killer looks.
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    they both have about equal performance, except when it comes to handling, where the F50 dominates. but as far as my personal opinion, i would take the F40 because i don't think anyone has mentioned it here, but this was the last car the Enzo Ferrari himself helped design. so for me it would be more exclusive to have an F40 for bragging rights.
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    Both cars are highly desirable and highly exclusive. Both are very fast and both handle well. The difference between the two really lies in the fact that the f50 is in really ten years younger than the F40. Ten years is a lot of time to make progress on suspension tuning and car balance. The F40, at least from what I hear, is a much more unwieldy car when it comes to handling. The V8 absolutely screams to make all its power, which to me is a really attractive thought (a V8 at high rpm sounds just gorgeous, especially a Ferrari one). The F50 has more power in general and its suspension will outmatch its predecessor's. Where the decision between which is really the better car lies is in what type of car you want. The F50 will kick your ass but in a way that will let you feel like you are more in control of just how badly it is kicking your ass. The F40 on the other hand, is the type of car that is more prone to uncontrollable spinouts and slides; an EXTREMELY visceral car! Both cars are fast, but if I had to choose, I think i would take the F40: classic Ferrari V8, more classic handling characteristics, and a car that really takes a lot of skill to drive well (not that the F50 doesn't).
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    it depends on what you'd rather want.
    the F40 is a masterpiece of performance for its time it can also rely on the fact that its old and therefore a classic, even if less F50s were built, the F40 is still considered the most valuable ferrari in an enthusiast's collection. faster in the straight than an F50 but it looses a lot in the curves thanks to no electronic assists and to the greater torque of the F50's V12, so much the F50 pulls on top and stays there until the next straight. Also, most people who buy F50s...dont drive them. F50s are usually put into museums and showrooms. Also, technically speaking, the concept of making a road going F1 car had to go through too many compromises, like strict regulations on engine revs and emission regulations (inexistant at the time of the F40.) To meet these laws, much of the engine had to be toned down. Plus theres also the other factor of comfort. The price of an F50 is 480 grand but there arent even power windows, something not even expected from the F40 due to its age. In substance, if you want a bad to the bone classic, get an F40, but dont count on living long. If you want a softer, rarer, more fun and less demanding to drive supercar for softies, get an F50
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    Both cars were designed from the forumula 1 technology of their age. In the time when the F40 was going to be built there were Formula 1 cars with 1.3 liter engines making 1300 hp at 60 psi of boost. They were THE most extreme cars ever built. The F40 has these exact chracteristics. I spoke to a guy who has driven both of them and he agrees with many of the test drivers who have driven both. The experience of driving an F40 is unforgetable. It's simply the most extreme road car ever built. There are only a few other cars who can be categorised with the F40, the Mclaren F1, and another car which i have forgotten right now :) . There was a recent article comparing the new Enzo (F60), and the F40. The Enzo was a blast to drive; it had incredible handling and awesome acceleration, but the test driver came to the same conclusion as all of the test drivers who have driven the F40. It is simply an untameable beast. The Enzo and F50 are very forgiving, but the F40 will not let you take control. There is basically no interior, and you can hear every single sound possible; the differential, the tranny, the body, the engine, and lastly the Twin Turbos. It is a car for a true enthusiast for brute power and it will forever be the greatest Ferrari race car ever built.
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    In my opinion this is kind off a stupid discussion. When considering either one of these cars the only thing u can do is let the cars choose for u.
    Ferraris like these are all about passion, not about numbers on paper. If u ever get the chance to drive both and u have to choose, u probably wont have to think very long, your heart will make up its mind prety fast.
    Offcourse the choice will be different from person to person.
    What u can say is wich one looks best in your opinion and to me that would have to be the F50.
    It has the sweetest ass ever!!
    Well thats my opinion, cya.

    Koenig-specials Twin Turbo F50
    An 850 bhp tuned car that manages to keep the Ferrari spirit intact and deliver the one thing the F50 ever needed to be the best:
    !just a tad more power!
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    The only way to find out which car is faster is to have a driver that is highly experienced with both cars go through the testing. Acceleration figures are much too close to distiguish a winner and I'm sure the test variables were different at testing time for both cars.

    Get the F40, F50, and throw in an Enzo for a little comp. I think the results would be surprising.
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    The acceleration of the cars is very similar. The F40 has an advantage in that it's turbocharged engine produces more torque and more midrange thrust (the F50 is somewhat of a winder). The F50's acceleration is FAR smoother and more linear, while the F40 delivers it's power with a bang a little past 4000rpm, when the first turbo kicks in. The second, larger turbo kicks in right after that, at ~6000 rpm. The power explosion is simply incredible. The F50, on the other hand, is incredibly smooth-revving, and delivers jet-engine thrust at high rpm. Totally different styles. The F50 will beat the F40 generally from 0-60 or 0-100, while the F40 seems just as fast or faster in the quarter-mile. The F50 is quicker on the standing mile, though. I based my conclusions on various tests by US and European magazines. Overall, the acceleration difference is rather minimal.

    However, the F50 will own the F40 on a track for several reasons. First off, the F50's brakes are more powerful and are far less prone to fade than those of the F40. Secondly, the F50 boasts a much more rigid chassis and a far more advanced suspension. Third, the F50 is much more advanced aerodynamically, featuring a tremendous downforce advantage. The car stays firm and planted all the time, much more so than the F40. Lastly, the F50 is simply much easier to control than the F40, due to power delivery and suspension balence. The F40 is a real challenge to push hard and can lose control very easily. The F50 is far easier and smoother to drive, with very precise steering, no turbo kick, much more chassis/suspension balence, and better weight distribution. This makes for a more potent track car. The F50 will run dead even with a McLaren F1 around a road Portugese guy who owned both an F50 and a McLaren took them to the track, timed the laps with both himself and a professional driver, and found the F50 to be consistently faster.

    In terms of driving experiences, they are two different animals altogether. The F40 is a raw, edge-of-your seat thrill ride. It is brash, sudden, and unforgiving. The power kick with the twin turbos is simply unreal. It takes lots of skill and patience to master it's handling, but once you do the car is simply a joy to drive. This is a raw, white-knucked machine for those who want to go as fast as possible, with the most drama as possible. The F50 is very different. It is smooth, composed, and never bites. The V12 produces a spine-chilling sound and tremendous power, but the handling is even more phenomenal. It is so controlled, so precise, and so linked with the driver. The best driver will get the most out of it due to it's lack of traction control, power steering, etc., but any driver can push it hard and have tremendous fun while not going over the edge. You never have to fight the car, and it is so balenced and quick that even novice drivers can rip blazing lap times. Besides, there is nothing like being pinned against the seat by g-forces in an open-top Ferrari with a V12 wailing at 10,000 rpm behind your ears. What a rush.

    I would prefer the F50 myself.
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    I can only agree with Redliner RSR, well put!
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    I think it depends which is better.
    The F50 definitely looks better, but the F40 is just a pure race-car: it has the bare minimum commodities, materials derived directly from racing, extremely lightweight, etc. It is the last Ferrari which is a true race-car.

    I prefer the Aiffitty.
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    haha $415 000 muscle car. Obviously both are amazing cars. I would say the F50 is better mainly because of the handling. They are very similar in performance, though.
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    F40 is better if you ask me but some peeples disagrree they are both great though
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    true man, I'm 15 right now and know more about cars than some 40 year old guys out there who own nice cars, lol
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    The F-40 is not as good for performance but it is twenty years old and the F-50 is newer and is more technologic.
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    Closed version???? If you mean hard top then yes, Ferrari did make a "closed version" called the F50 GT1
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    i love both, but the f50 ws every bit the supercar that the mclaren was, even if nobody gave it the credit it deserved. load bearing engine, and a screaming v-12. that is what i love, possible the most attractive ferrari for its visceral look, and a true track car. a pure driving car. i think both are very comparable.

    i question the f40 for its turbo v-8, it is still a nice combo, but i know ferrari for its highwinding small displacement 8 and 12 engines, and f40 being a turbo just took away the only thing i could say that makes ferrari different from porshce. both are fast, but small turbo cars is what porshce does, ferrari does medium v12 cars.

    it isnt a question of speed and performance, it is a question of character. ferrari is the modena, or the enzo, but it should never have been the f40.

    like wise porsche should neve put their new v-8 in a car, even if it does kick ass and make 500hp, they would be copying ferrari.

    i am skeptical aobut the load bearing engine, i hear that can cause problems with vibrations from the engine messing up the suspension, and causing the car to be unstable.

    in either case it would still come down to driving them, but i would go with f50 for looks and character.
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    And the F40 does not have all the new technology that jumbles up the car. It is pure fun.
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    F50, or F40? Heck, or F60 (Enzo) for that matter? It would be ridiculously difficult to pick between them. Or just the F50 and F40. Figures on paper are highly misleading, to say the least. Impressions written by people lucky enough to have driven both are all that most of us can use as comparisions.

    Motoring journalists, well, some anyway, have said that 70 mph in the F40 feeels like 140, whereas 120 mph in the F50 feels like 60. It all depends on how you want your supercar to be, as many have said before. Want a bucking bronco thats too violent for the mother of all rodeos? Get an F40, by all means. Want the Arabian thoroughbred that will drink the wind and make YOU look good while you;re riding? Get an F50. This much I have gleaned from forum members and car articles.

    As for the looks of both cars, that is entirely up to individual preference. I prefer the F50, personally. Why? Because to me, it just looks better, I suppose. More timeless than the F40. You can tell the F40 was designed in the 80's. If Ferrari hadn't made the F50, and produced a car that looked just like it TODAY, it would fit in impeccably. Next to the rather interestingly designed Enzo, the F50 in my estimation just looks so much better. Then again, that's open to debate.

    Performance. Straight line speed and all that, downforce, whatever. Quite rightly, the F50 would in theory own an F40. BUt as Murray Walker once said, in reference to Formula 1, which is where these two cars originated from, an excellent driver in a very good car cannot beat a very good driver in an excellent car. So which one is the very good car, and which one is the excellent one? The excellent one would be the F50, in my opinion. But that's what it is, just an opinion.

    The F40 broke new ground, moved the goalposts for supercars when it came out. The F50 built on that. F50, for me. BUt I wouldnt mind an F40.
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    I say F40 looks better, but i would take an F50 because it is N/A, and it is supposidly much better on a road course.
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    well the F50 was a rushed creation and some things werent thought through such as how much headspace u get with roof on, its pretty limited and cramped
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    Hey buddy they do make a closed version: They all are, they have on/off hardtops, it is probably you have only seen photos of them with the tops off. Oh and to whoever started this topic what do you consider a kid? I mean, I'm 15; WE DON'T ALL ACT LIKE ASSHOLES! Some of us "kids" probably know more about cars than you think so stop being so fukin' stereotypical!!!
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    Honestly, I like the F-50 Better. It was the product of another seven years of research in Formula 1 racing by Ferrari and Pininfarina. Although both cars are out of this world, the F-50 is slightly faster and four times as rare as the F-40 (349 vs. 1311). I myself have seen four different F-40's but I still haven't seen an F-50 in person. Either way, I'd take the F-40 or the F-50 over most other cars out there today.
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    Think about if there was an F60!!!!
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    Bla, bla, bla...

    How many people actually drove F40 or F50?

    Anyone? Noone, thats what i thought!!

    The only and only way to compare those cars is to put them together on the track and see what happens!

    PS. It is clear that Ferrari F1 (Formula 1) is faster than Renault F1. Yeah? Anyone who knows a bit about F1 will tell you that fact.

    Any of you smart bums there, tell me how did renault finish in front of 1 of the ferraris at Spanish GP lass night. Anyone?

    There is heaps more than hp, torque and weight that effects car performance.

    There were a lot of kidy responses here, i can tell you that!


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