curious about both F40 and F50 *no kids, serious car ppl only*

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    just last week I happened to see a red F40 and a yellow F50 together in my street. (a collector here has both these cars and others, lucky him!!)
    and I must say I preferred the f40, it just looks and sounds better. I believe the proportions from the f50 aren't that evenly matched, especially without the hardtop!

    the f50 is still a very nice car though.....

    but I would still chose the 288gto above the f40, aah, the first real ferrari supercar!!
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    i think theyre quite even altho one is a v12 and the other a just may have a better compression, airflow and suspension, maybe a diffrent downforce than the other..they have differs but on the street and track, i think it would be a neck-in-neck race that i would be willing to see, wouldnt you?
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    im (according to others) rather a ferrari expert for want of a better word and to be honest i am probably the biggest F50 fan ever i love this car to bits. what you have to do is distinguish between pure super cars and so called hyper cars (the list includes the jag xj220 the jag xjr15 the F40 the F50 the merc mac F1 the bugatti EB110 and the ford GT40) more about the gt40 later these cars are in a class of their own becasue they are the best of the best of the best they all top 200 they all do a standing 1/4 mile in under 12 seconds they all do things that push the boundaries of what is possible in a car. traditionally if you ask any ferrari fan what the greatest ferrari ever is (not what his/her favourite is what the best one is) and they will without hesitation reply the F40. it was built to celebrate the fortieth anniversary of the realisation of enzo ferrari's childhood dream of owning his own supercar marque this car followed the sucessful testarossa (meaning red head so called because of the red cylinder heads) so it had to be something special. the chassis was largely based upon if not copied from the 1984 288GTO it was first produced in 1988 just 12 months after enzo ferrari had told the boys in maranello that he and executives from pininfirina (ferrari's body stylist) had held talks and aggreed that the anniversary car would be made. doing 201MPH 0-60 in 3.9 and 0-124 (thats 200kmph in new money) in 12 seconds dead it was far and away the quickest thing on the road. only 1311 were ever made and since 21 have been written off. there is a fantastic story that says once a man in japan bought an F40 and decided to film himself doing 200 on a public road when he was arrested later in the day police found the vidoeo and used it as ecidence against him. the F40 as good as a 478 break 2.9 litre (yes it was that small) V8 sounds (plus 200 break more after race mods were complete) it sounds the perfect car. but it wasnt exclusive powerful bautiful forthright and best of all a ferrari but sadly its major flaw two wheeld drive and with no lsd (not the drug but limited slip differential a system of cogs and gears (thees days its electronically managed) that prevents the driven wheels from spinning at peak revs or maximuim power delivery ie when youve got the gas pedal nailed to the floor) it made for some pretty spectacular burnouts and easy donuts but give it too many revs out if a sharpish corner even on the road and youll very soon find yourself admiring your own tyre smoke facing the wrong way. so is it the most brilliant car ferrari have ever made ferrari traditionalists wil tell you yes the only other contender is the 1967 275GTB 4cam the worldds first four cam engine (email me if you want an explanation if the four cam engine) which was paid a fitting tribute by car nut nicholas cage in the movie gone in sixty seconds (when they drive out of the ferrari garage with all the cars look to the right of the door the upright car with the big rear spoiler is surprise surprise an F40)
    i did promice you a tale about the GT40 but alas i fear you may be growing tired of reading all this so email me if you want to know more about the years of rivalry and sometimes hatred that the ford moor compay and ferrari have

    anything you need to know dont hesitate to e mail me i will give you all the help that i can
    thanks for reading
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    If you guys pay atention youll learn a couple things okay just plain f40 could beat the crap out of an f50 but f50 gt versus f40 gt would kick some ass but im wonderin y no one brought up the f60?
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    dearest crxsirripper
    im not a rude guy but you are a #$%# dont presume to tell me that if i pay attention ill learn something if all you are going to do is talk shit. point A) the F40 is a 2936 CC (3 litre) V8 the F50 is a 4698 CC (4.7 litre) V12. point B) the F40 produces 478BHP@7000RPM the F50 produces 513@8000RPM so its got 35 break more and a higher redline. point C) the F50 has a sequential 6 speed gearbox that does 72MPH @redline in first gear the F40 has a standard shifter change 5 speed manual giving it 56MPH @redline in first gear. point D) F40 0-60MPH 4.1 seconds 0-100MPH 7.6 seconds the F50 0-60MPH 3.9 seconds 0-100MPH 7.2 seconds. point E) the F40 hits 198 and stops the F50 goes on to 202. so to summarise the F50 has 1762 CC more engine 4 more cylinders 35 more BHP higher redline it accelerates faster by .4 or a second every 100MPH (theoretically) and it goes 4MPH faster so tell me again which car 'whips' which
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    The F40, in my eyes is the more significant vehicle of the two. This is my contention purely because it is the last vehicle that the Italian God of the Carrozeria, Enzo Ferrari himself developed. Therefore, it is not merely a guess of what Enzo would have liked (as is the F50), nor is it an hommage to the master (like the Enzo). It is Ferrari, in its original form, and therefore is irreplaceable as a collector's dream.
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    You're on your 758 post and still haven't learn everything about supercars: The ENZO IS NOT THE F60. The F60 will be out in a couple of years, but please don't take my word for it, do some research, search google, or visit and learn something before talk BS and ***** other people.

    P.S.: having low posts doesn't mean you're an idiot or that you don't know shit, means only that you're new to these forums or that u don't like to be posting all the time.

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    Ok I'm not gonna read all 8 pages or whatever but I read the first 1 & 1/2 and I could tell that the "serious car ppl only" part was ignored. It's still the same old "I like the way this looks"....."This one was more horsepower..." crap. Yes the F40 has a better power to weight ratio. That is why in a straight line it is faster than the F50. What makes the F50 special is that it will own.....absolutely own most cars around a track. The F40 was built to be a high performance car yes....but the F50 was designed to be the closest thing to an F1 car possible (at the time) on the road. I saw someone mention the smoother power curve due to the V-12 (Which is basically the same V-12 Ferrari used in their 90 or 91 F1 car...can't remember) as opposed to the TT V-8 in the F40. Another thing is the F50's suspension. First off it has no rubber components in order to make it as stiff as possible in order to eliminate body roll. Second in order to further improve handeling the suspension is mounted right onto the gearbox like an F1 car. Another thing I didn't see anyone mention (out of the posts I read) was the cars aerodynamics. Yes the shape of the F50 is a result of the whole "form follows funtion" ideology but apparently an aerodynamic design wasn't enough. If you look at the F50 you'll notice 2 large vents in the hood. If you were too look down inside these vents you would find two large fans. Too keep it short and simple these fans pull air from under the car and pass it up over the windshield along with the normal airstream generated by teh cars forward movement. This means that these fans are reducing air pressure under the car and increasing it on top or in layman's terms "sucking the front of the car down towards the road." I haven't read the all the posts so maybe someone has already mentioned all this but I am too lazy to read them all. Second I just noticed how long this is and how tired I am so I am done writing now.
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    Ok I lied I have to make one more post directed at F50 lover. Despite what others have told u....u are by no means an expert of any sort. How do I know this? You are the first car expert of any kind that I have come across that has no idea WTF an LSD is. What you are talking about is TRACTION CONTROL. THIS is the system that takes power from the drive wheels in order to preventwheel spin under excessive throttle . A LIMITED SLIP DIFFERENTIAL is a differential that controls power distribution to certain wheels during cornering in order to prevent kinetic friction as opposed to static friction....oh yes since your an expert you might call this having the tire "break loose." This surprisingly enough is how they came up with the name. You are LIMITING the SLIP of certain wheels by having them spin at DIFFERENT speeds. This allows the car to maintain the highest amount of traction possible through a corner and not harsh the axel components. So 1)Next time make sure you know what your talking about before you post and 2) just because you waste lots of post space with all your little "stories" about Ferrari's that you've memorizes doesn't make you an expert it just makes for a long read and, in this case, a bad post. Through this post I am in no way implying that I know everything about cars or even Ferraris for that matter. But then again I don't have to imply that cause I never used the term expert to describe myself be it in the 1st person sense or otherwise. It's cool that people don't know everything and need to learn or be reminded, it happens to everyone. All I ask is that some people keep this in mind when posting and are humble enough to either 1) also include the fact that they may be wrong when they are not sure or 2) research the meaning of a term in a couple places before they use it. So in the spirit of trying to NOT make a hypocrite out of myself I even double checked the definition of an LSD ina few places and if anyone has anything to add or say in opposition please feel free.
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    Oh yes and one more thing I feel the need to interject (being that I adore this car) in regards to the same post I just got done talking about is in your little list of "hyper cars" (or if we aren't busy plagerizing Jeremy Clarkson on Top Gear) a "super car." I see that you felt compelled to refer to the McLaren F1 as a "Merc Mac F1" Merc as in mercedes. I can only conclude that you derived this poor assumption from the fact that the Formula 1 Team is a result of a partnership between Mercedes and McLaren (two seperate companies) resulting in the team constantly being refered to as McLaren Mercedes. The road car you are speaking of, the McLaren F1 (which is brought stateside by Ameritech), has no affiliation with Mercedes Benz whatsoever. On the contrary the car is designed soley by McLaren which is located in Woking England and is powered by a BMW(!!!!) V-12. As I said in my last post please make sure u know what u are talking about before u post it. Thanks.
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    Is it ok if I pretend to know what I am talking about in a very convincing manner? I have already started doing that and I'm not sure if I can stop now.
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    so I believe you also saw the broadcast on bbc's topgear concerning hypercars....
    but I am still wondering why nobodu says a word concerning the ferrari 288 gto evoluzione. This is the car on which they based the f40. the 288 gto evo even had 650 bhp! mst have been one crazy car, I wouldn't be surprised if it was even faster than an f40. don't you happen to know this?

    i think they even look very much alike. just take a look at both air ducts for example

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    Well, I've seen the story of the 288 GTO Evoluzione in a TV documentary about Ferrari. I am not trying to be an expert, I am quoting the makers of the TV show. So the story goes like this:

    During the early 80's, the FIA (FISA, as it was known then) founded a new rallying group - the Group B. It required only 200 road cars be built by one manufacturer in order to homologate the race version. So, Audi, Peugeot, Lancia, Ford etc all began building cars for this extreme group which allowed virtually any modification to racing cars. Cars soon evolved into monsters capable of 500bhp or even higher, with kevlar bodies etc.
    Ferrari decided to modify the already powerful 288 GTO in order to obtain a Group B car. The result was the mighty 288 GTO Evoluzione, with 650 bhp and, if I recall corectly, somewhere in the region of 950 kg of weight. The car should have been capable of something like 230 mph.
    But, following some tragical accidents, Group B was banned by the FIA, so the very purpose of the 288 GTO Evoluzione was no longer there. Five prototypes had been built. Out of these, two no longer exist today in their original form; they were modified to obtain F40 prototypes, so it is true, the 288 GTO Evoluzione was clearly the model on which the F40 is 'based'.

    To conclude, well the Evoluzione was probably significantly faster than the F40, as mechanically speaking, the F40 was a de-tuned version of the Evo. The 288 GTO Ev. was strictly a racing vehicle, the designers had absolutely nothing concerned with daily driving in mind. The F40 was an IMMENSELY fast car for very rich people, but in its standard version, it was 'less' of a race-oriented vehicle than its predecessor.
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    And one more thing; I saw that some people on this forum were discussing that the F40 is quicker than the F50. Well, I remember back in 1995 I read a magazine which said that during testing on Ferrari's Fiorano track, the F50 ran almost 2 seconds quicker than its predecessor.

    Now 2 seconds on a Fiorano lap is by no means un-significant, because from what I know, the track is not very long.

    I know that lots of things can come into play when testing 2 cars together on a track, but what do you think about this test?

    (Oh and, sorry, but you'll have to take my word for it, unfortunately I cannot remember what magazine it actually was. After all, it's been 8 years...<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A> )
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    Re: curious about both F40 and F50 *no kids, serious car ppl onl


    I'd really like to see you not attacking other members. Come on!

    You got something wrong here. F40 has a PARALLEL TWIN TURBO layout. That means that both turbos kick in at the same time, and that's around 2000-2500 rpm, I don't know exactly. But you are perfectly right with the brakes and especially chassis and suspension layout. Here the F50 is ahead of F40.

    Where F50 and F60 are terribly wrong is in the WEIGHT department. I find it ridiculously that a car that has massive quantities of carbon fibre, titanium, aluminium to weigh 1250/1385 kg. That is massive, what the hell were they doing in there?? That is the big problem in these cars and this is the decisive advantage that the McLaren F1 has. That is why Enzo loses to the F1 in the acceleration.

    I read that the F50 engine has cast iron block and weighs about 199-200kg. That is incredibile. Some current V6 and V8 has that weight. With this super light engine and super light chassis and suspension and everything else it still had 100kg over the F40 (that had tubular chassis etc). How the hell did that happnened?

    F50 was kind of derivative from the F1 program, F40 was derived from 288GTO which was designed to "play" in the group B.

    I have that film with that JPN dude that does 200mph on the freeway. You can get it from kazaa, or

    F40 I belive is a marvelous car with a great track potential too. Althoug it has won 2 BPR races (Anderstorp and Sugai)it was consistently faster that McLarenF1 in GTR form. But it was plagued with reliability problems, especially the gearbox and turbos.

    F50 is stunning too, with some wonderful technologies. It had lass track potential because its engine was already TUNED. The engine was good (as seen in the F333 Sp sports car) but it was too "hungry". Mileage was not great.

    If I had been Montezemolo, because F50 and Enzo are not budget and time dependant, I would have denied they appearance UNTIL THE DAMN CARS WHERE WITHIN THE PLANNED WEIGHT OR LESS. That is 1200kg kerb weight.
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    to me i would pick the f40 the looks and performance the d50 is kool but it is not old school he he he
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    very interesting, too bad I didn't see that broadcast...
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    well put.
    I think that in 20 years or so, there will be a significant price difference between f40 and f50, in favour of the f40.
    let's hope I'll be able to buy one 'till then....
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    I like simple cars, like cars without traction control or abs. If the car has add ones that make crapy drivers drive faster, why is that a good thing. Besides, all the race cars are really really fast, and none of them have traction control or abs. I also don't like computers to run the engines. We all know how much trouble our home computers give us, and the cars are the same with computers for the engines. For these reasons, i would choose the F40.
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    Both cars are similar in looks and horsepower. However...
    1)The F50 has a V12 engine.
    2)It has a better suspension system.
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    It's elementary my dare enthusiast the F40 may be SLIGHTLY faster in the straights, but if your a super car kindaguy then straights just arn't as important it's what they're capable allroung and the F50 carves up the F40 especially in the corners KAY!
    The F40, F50 and Enzo (all Legandary cars) were purpose built to be the closest things to F1 cars in there time. Which Ferrari deffintly achieved.
    So Be Happy!
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    the f50 i would say is the quicker one of the two because of the bigger rear tires and less weight and the v12 engine with bigger displacement plus it was based on f1 technology which is why the transmission is directly bolted to the suspension, which allows for better cornering and more stability. i thimk that u cant compare the f40 to the f50 because they are so far apart in technology. anyways the f50 is slightly faster and has better cornering power than the f40, the only thing that these two cars are similar is their top speed!!
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    f50 is faster on the track
    f50 is easier to drive
    f40 looks better imo
    f40 may be better as a collectors car imo

    i know a bloke that had an f40, and to put it simply you have to be a realy good driver to fully enjoy the f40. from magazines i have read the f50 is a much easier car to drive, and i assume would be more rewarding to drive. but if the car is for a collection the f40 may be a better for its history.
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    LOL He said no kids!! "the F50 would win in a straight line because it has a V12" OMG that is one of the most ignorant statements i have ever heard!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!! I hate ignorant little kids. Just beacuse it has 4 more cylinders dosent mean anything: the F40 is faster in a straight line than the F50.... moron. And here is my info to back up my statement.


    0-100: 8.0 sec
    1/4 Mile: 11.8 sec

    0-100: 8.2 sec
    1/4 Mile: 12.1 sec

    (Both have a topspeed of over 200mph+)
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    F40 pros cons

    Good throttle response braking little stiff than normal
    good cornering no ac non comftarable inviro but
    easer to get to top whp cares
    speed because of twin turbo

    F50 pros cons
    le-mans handaling very low headspace
    braking good no ac
    comfoble really bumpy sespension
    for a car like that

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