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    Gave the world a good scare.
    Great weekend for all the cyber tech companies. Prices just went up.

    I think Microsoft, Google and Apple's next big goal should be a more seemless system update processes. Apple are good at it because they make you update against your will. MS and Google (especially 3rd party ROMs like Samsung's, LG's etc.) still have a lot of work to do, giving users the option to not update.
  2. Shadow Brokers eh? Is their leader the Elusive Man?
  3. Oh by the way.
    1. Windows update is broken on many machines, updates fail and it then never installs another update once broken. User isn't warned.
    2. New version without the shutdown domain is already spreading.
  4. Apple can only get away with strict updates due to controlling hardware. Everyone else risks breaking device drivers if they try it. At the moment everything has closed drivers that rarely get updated for newer OS releases. ARM SoC are the worst often they only support whatever android version is out when the product launched. It's impossible for google to release newer android versions for them even if they wanted to.
  5. Good luck getting any of the silicon vendors to behave. Some of them still operate on business models where they charge each OEM for driver features and updates.
  6. I read in passing somewhere that a lot of these were somehow related to exploits the nsa built into the software for their own purposes?
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  7. They weren't built into the software, they were just there. The NSA used them, and then they leaked and were exposed a few months ago.
  8. hey guys is my linux machine ok ???
  9. .
    It's intact, like your virginity.
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  10. i see
    exposed in the wikileaks dumps?
  11. I don't think so. I think it was some unknown group of hackers.
  12. Apparently it's hitting a bunch machines in China and Russia because they run pirated versions of Windows that don't get updates.

    -don't pirate shit
    -keep your shit updated
  13. I'm sure that's an issue in other counties as well. But yeah, that's an overall good advice nowadays.
  14. They are now linking this whole mess to Kim-jong the Handsome and his Kingdom of Wonderful Shenanigans.

    Dude can't feed his people, upgrade the basic electric infrastructure of the country or build a rocket that flies straight, but he sure can hack computers good.
  15. It's possible, the malware is kind of lazy when it comes to actually collecting the ransom, it has no way to track who paid or any sign of unique id. As to if the creator was just lazy or it was a state trying to disguise an attack as ransom ware it's difficult to know.
  16. The creator was the US.
  17. Only the actual exploit, someone still had to write the code to encrypt the files, display the ransom message and set up the kill switch. The non-NSA sections are kind of sloppy, it's unclear if the author was stupid or the ransomware aspect was just a disguise.
  18. you guys i think it was russia
  19. lots of IT guys in here

    it indeed lol but a good thing since those affects are the ones with
    - poor security

    sorry but it's like security 101.
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  20. I have a lot of friends in the information security business, so sometimes it feels like I'm in it as well.
  21. one time i cybered with someone u all know lol ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  22. Was it FireRed?
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  23. It was me
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  24. srsly tho hmu ill rock ur world

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