Dagger GT: 2000bhp and 300mph

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by F50Fanatic, May 20, 2010.

  1. complete bollocks
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    Nelson is already building engines with 1800hp.

  3. WTF?

    "We also offer optional bolt-on packages (parachutes, etc.) so you can meet the requirements of the racing events that you may wish to participate in."
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    nelson has been building ridiculous high end engines for awhile now.........they have a 2500hp/2300tq street driven engine (on race gas, 1700hp/1700tq on 91octane) for only $50k.
  6. this is dumber than the tkr barabus or how the hell was it called
  7. Philosophy: No Risk Policy – No R&D

    sounds like they are just gunna hope for some suckers to line up so they can play supercar builder with other peoples money
  8. lol Yeah, somehow I don't see it going as fast as purpose built dragsters.
  9. not really. at least this design is somewhat original.
  10. I think it looks great actually. But "simulated" calculations is freakin retarded.
  11. lol gl w/ that
  12. doesn't look bad for something that was probably thought up by a 14 year old poster from the indies.
  13. hey guys more power is gonna make our car faster right? also, this tranmission we have for it can endure up to 300 mph so that means so its safe to say we will be hitting those speeds. *guesstmates more retarded specs in head, is dumb*
  14. It doesn't look like a 458, actually. You're blind, dumbass. It looks 3-4 times better than a 458. LOL!

    The back half from the side looks similar to the Ford GT90.

    You're just a moron with crappy taste if you actually think this car is ugly.

    Enough with you.

    As for the speed hype, it is kind of stupid, even if they could do it. Who is truly going to ever use the car to do that, realistically?

    Specs = stupid

    Aesthetics = awesome

    I'm hoping they'll only make it a 500-650 HP car. I think they will go this route.
  15. whoa nelly easy there mongo
  16. oh ya well american cars are crappppp
  17. No, this design looks fairly good and original.

    The TKR is a piece of shit, so is the Arash thing.
  18. i agree, but you must admit that the front has some f458 hints, most of all the headlights.
  19. Hence my "looks like a 458/gt90/zonda" post
  20. “How are you going to compete with brand name luxury cars like the Bugatti Veyron, the Ferrari Enzo, etc.?” We said, “Our brand will be displayed in the timing lights. We will be branded by our performance.” How does “world’s fastest” sound to you as a brand? Do you want a ‘prancing horsey’ logo or a stampede of two thousand horses?"
    I lol at their thinking... I think I would select "prancing horsey" or a raging bull, not somekind of unknown dagger...
  21. Oh a new member.
  22. You've probably never been anywhere near an Enzo if you consider it a "luxury car", n00b.
  23. lol Or I'd just buy a Corvette/Supra/Trans Am/Mustang and boost/nitrous/cam/meth/etc etc etc the hell out of it.
  24. he was quoting the dagger website....|\|()()|3

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