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  1. how many miles (as the rocket flies) ?
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  2. There's not enough people on this site.

    There, I rambled.
  3. Around 500km (270 miles). Google Maps says it only takes 6 hours to drive now. We've been building roads.
  4. With or without Palestinian speed bumps?
  5. Without. You go around the West Bank.
  6. I have 2 panels of slat fence I am putting up in front of my house for more privacy, each are 2.4m wide (8 feet), by 1.8m high (6 feet).
    Similar to this - [​IMG]

    I dont know how to position them.
    Attached is top down view of my houses, with different positioning marked in red. Any input?

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  7. Build that wall!
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  8. Its to stop the Tasmanians coming in
  9. Get them to build it for you.
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  10. [​IMG]
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  11. I can't deal with the traffic in Jakarta anymore. It takes me fucking 2 hours to get anywhere.
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  12. get a helicopter
  13. I'm currently technically homeless!

    My lease in Kingston has expired, and my lease in Edmonton has yet to start. But I was already planning on living in hotels for the meantime anyway (conferences, weddings, etc), so its not like its too bad. But I've got a bit of camping in, too.

    For those of you who have never experienced the Canadian Rockies: I took this picture of the stars with my phone.

  14. ugh I need to go somewhere with no light pollution

    that's the real definition of awesome
  15. Been trying to get into a bit of nifty star photos myself. WV is generally remote as all hell and I still have a hard time finding spots as dark as that appears to be.
  16. Learn how a promising PhD graduate became a hobo in a week by following these 5 easy steps!

    Also camp somewhere near a Wi-Fi signal. And don't get eaten by beavers or something.
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  17. At least in my case homelessness comes with a decent view

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  19. Living together since 2 days. Just spend almost 300 euro's at IKEA.

    Now i know what scorps feels when he goes curtain shopping.
  20. Well that was about as climactic as constipation. It went from cat 4 to tropical storm over night so all I'm getting is shitty amounts of rain. I'm looking forward to that 2 1/2 hour drive into work on Monday.
  21. ***** you have no idea

    Thursday was the "night of arts" in Helsinki, and there was some workshop in the basement of our building. The audience was just out of this world, they would have made vicious look mundane and totally passé.

    I felt many things when a guitar-carrying Jamaican fellow, two identical hipsters with flawlessly shaped moustaches and a colourfully dressed old lady with giant sunglasses and a spliff hanging from her mouth asked directions to the workshop as I was unloading 500kg of diapers from the back of my car, wearing a pair of crocs and a shirt with baby puke stains on it.

    I have no idea where these people came from or where they went... they are probably like Santa's elves with a secret base in some cloud where they live on scented flamingo tears and music so avant-garde that it has never been played.
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  22. lol @ Americans with the solar eclipse
    some ppl put sunscreen directly on their eyes then watched

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  23. are you living in Java?
  24. [​IMG]

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