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  1. So bought some hiking boots to help a friend of a friend clean up their flooded house. Haven't worn boots in ages and wore my usual low cut socks. Didn't think about it being a bad idea until after a mile walking in mud:
  2. Cool that you have found an intact router floating somewhere along the debris and dead negroes.

    How many consecutive years of flooding you think is needed in Texas before a significant proportion of people start to think that perhaps the climate change wasn't a hoax made by homosexual infidels who hate Jesus? I'm guessing something between 23 and 27 years.
  3. the people who dont believe it(and can do something about it) are literally paid to not believe it by people who believe it but dont want to change their industry

    its william randolph hurst and reefer madness all over again
  4. but god promised not to create another flood so it just won't happen.
    jesus will take us to heaven first (as if he would want them)

    so pure intentional ignorance
  5. I wouldn't say it's due to climate change. It happens on occasion. We have "hurricane season" here. It's just every so often we get a big one.
  6. arent these the 'once in 500 years' level of storms?
  7. Well the wind wasn't a problem, it was the rainfall. The flooding got real bad around our reservoirs and obviously downstream of them. Many things hurt us this time. First the douche storm over stayed it's welcome and held over us for a while. Plus this area is expanding quickly. So much area has been developed since the last hurricane we really had to worry about. This left the water with nowhere to go. I lucked out because I had planned on moving late last year, but decided on a new car instead. I would have been screwed had I moved to the area I had planned.
  8. move now
    hurricane pricing
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  9. calling 84fordman
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  10. Mini reached an american 100k mileage. :)

    Or is it Imperial I should say?

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  11. I reached 100k this week also but KM not MI
  12. 100,000 FU (Freedom Units)
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  13. I've been going through a ton of drama at work. There's a developer (I'm project manager/QA) who really hates me and is unwilling to work with/talk to me. He's really being quite offensive about it. But there is no justice and so far I haven't been winning this battle. While there have been talks about firing him (I'm not the boss), current projects make it impossible at the moment, because he's like 50% of our developing force.
    I don't want to quit because I want to wait a little and see how things develop. Also the holiday season is coming and this isn't a good time to job hunt.
    Shitty feeling, to be honest.
  14. Work drama is the worst, especially when you sit on the other side of the bench. My suggestion is to openly share your concerns with your boss. This can go two ways ,depending on which side you are.

    Its life but it might indeed mean you need to flex out
  15. My boss knows everything, and his solution is to divide and rule - they're moving the developer to another office in an entirely different town (it's something that he asked for and that was planned. It was just sped up). But in the meantime, he's still around and we're not on speaking terms - which really makes getting things done much more difficult.
  16. Just make sure you document everything that happens between you two. Anything work related should be cc to other involved parties.
  17. Just gotta suck it up until he leaves, don't **** it up. your boss is already helping the situation out.

    good luck
  18. Just feels bad, because I've been on the path to leading this team, and now I'm not even allowed to tell that developer that something can go from beta to production and complete the task.
  19. On a long career lifespan, this event is negligeable
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  20. Not sure how it works in other societies, but here everything isin a fast-pace, frequently-changing atmosphere. Basically what I mean is that a lot of people change work places often, rather than spend a career in one or two places. Usually if you're unhappy, maybe it's time to switch things up a little. That often means finding a job that pays better more often than not.
    So after 3.5 years at the same place (most I've ever kept a job for), I'm thinking maybe it's time for an upgrade. But I should probably hold that thought a little while longer, to see how things play out once he leaves. I'm also getting his (better) office.
  21. ugh i know what you mean
    working with jews is the worst!
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  22. Here, it's frowned upon if you switch jobs every couple of years. It tells us after sinking in time and effort into training you, you're going to bail. Also, think about how much it is or isn't a benefit for you to stay. I've been working where I'm at for over 11 years. At one point about 4 years ago, I had to weather out a good 6 months of dealing with so much shit I had the mentality of "I don't care anymore, they're either going to fire me or I'm going to quit." Luckily I waited it out because it played out exactly as I expected. Now I'm in a position I like a lot and making a lot more money.
  23. ive heard the opposite in tech, especially here in silicon valley

    the way you get salary increases is by hopping companies every 3 years or so, because companies are loathe to give out hte kind of salary increases that can be gotten by hopping (like 20% + from accepting a new position)
  24. SV is 3-5 years max, for job farmers.

    You want to be in between a job whoremonger and a no future/ambition employee. Depends of the market but I suggest asking yourself that question at after 4y, 7y then 10y.

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