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I leik this thread;

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  1. Not on the App. Not sure if waze stores it on their servers or something. But I'd wager it would take FBI kind of pull to get it.
    It sucks because I also just got a nice dash cam from my girlfriend I'm using. It's GPS capable to record speed but I don't have it activated. Didn't want evidence of me when I'm actually speeding.
    I'm asking a cop and ex prosecutor on another site I'm on if there is a way I can make him prove his equipment isn't faulty.
  2. There was a rumour I heard years ago over here that it is quite unlikely that if you're caught speeding by a copper with their own speed gun (as opposed to a fixed speed camera) it is often very hard for the police to be able to produce valid proof that their hardware has been calibrated correctly, so you get the letter through to say you were speeding, then just ask them to provide their calibration certification, and watch the ticket magically disappear

    I'm sure that if that was true, however, the hole has been plugged by now.
  3. That's actually what I'm reading up on now. Trying to find out how to subpoena his training, calibration and maintenance records. I'm also seeing if the effort is worth is vs just taking defensive driving.
  4. My lab got sprayed by a skunk this evening, then tried to hide from taking a bath.

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  5. Doh! Poor dag.
  6. archaeop

    back off her
    often the more interested/available/desperate you are the less interested the girl during courting
    if shes got you in the bag then she can put you on the backburner
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  7. I'm getting some excellent feedback for something I did at work.
  8. Did they cup the balls?.
  9. Some people came to my office just to praise me. Others asked if it got me a bonus. It didn't, yet.
  10. An Israeli couple was involved in the Berlin attack. The wife died and the husband is badly injured. Their daughter is friends with a couple of people I know. She just hung out at my place a couple of weeks ago. Poor family.
  11. Got out early this morning and found some really pretty skies.

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  12. I'm a boobs man; but no ass, no care.
  13. I'm an ass man myself. And face. Hard to get turned on if you have to stare some uggs in the face.
  14. I was actually thinking about this again today. And something occurred to me which has not really occurred to me before. I always thought of it like "wow, I'm lucky she's giving me a chance." But then I thought "wow, she's lucky I'm giving her a chance too." I guess that I've always imagined that the girls I like are out of my league. But I'm a great guy. They're not out of my league. And having that attitude is not doing me any favours at all. And it immediately made me feel better about the whole situation.
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  15. You are indeed a great guy
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  16. Thank you, Drano. So are you.
  17. That's exactly how you need to look at it.
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  18. I ran 10km in 51 minutes last night, which is pretty good for me.
  19. Sup, hos?
    Sucks. Sent out 500 less than expected orders yesterday and I'm trying to ask for a raise mid January. Thanks, Obama.
    Still going to ask though. I've done a lot there and put more effort in than most.
  20. asking for handouts huh
  21. I've decided to associate as an M1 Abrams tank. I'm trying to close the pay gap between tanks and humans.
  22. Had to work today since my company sells medical equipment and it's last day for people to spend their flex spending monies. Easy extra 8 hours of pay on top of holiday pay.
  23. Just traded a bunch of old Xbox 1 and 360 games to pre-order the new mass effect and ghost recon.

    And I can't wait:
  24. super hero movies suck
    the stakes are so ridiculous
    invincible people are fighting! who gives a ****

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