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  1. Didn't know you were into the peen.

  2. Hey man! Honestly I've been doing the CICO method (calories in calories out), with an emphasis on protein. I haven't been purposefully staying away from carbs, but they are significantly less than normal now that I've been planning. I'd rather a few hundred calories have a couple dozen grams of protein rather than carbs, but I still pay great attention to nutrient timing. In the morning I'll have a whole wheat pasta (much higher in protien/less cals than regular pasta) with 4oz chicken, peppers, onions, and a rather large serving of spinach and broccoli. Pour a light sauce on it like natural marinara or similar on it and it's about 400 calories chock full of what I need and it fills me up way more than say 800 calories of taco bell or some other shit. Also sustains me as it's a lower glycemic meal so it regulates me steadily throughout the first part of the day without any sort of highs or crashes.

    Now for lifting, immediately afterwards, I've found great results from pounding a few plain rice cakes, some glutamine, and then my protein supplement. Rice cakes are about as high as you can get on the glycemic index and glutamine has been proven to assist in this combination to make the best use out of your supplementation.

    My only carbs besides veggies really come from either that whole wheat pasta, or some vegetable tortillas that are like 50 cals each and 9g protein. Not as tasty as the normal 300 cal flour ones by a long shot, but it's part of my plan. I supplement other meals with quest bars similar to CB, maybe a normal fibre one bar because they're about the tastiest things I let myself eat haha. Also things like greek yogurt, maybe just a cup of milk, etc. I pay strict attention to serving sizes and honestly I think that was the most drastic thing for me. When you're used to a super bigass american diet, a serving size is like - whut. One meal at the Cheesecake factory is easily 4 normal meals. It's insane.

    Also water is huge! Any sort of hydration I suppose, but water is easy for me.

    Keto is also great for losing weight as has been mentioned. My mom lost a ton of weight with that. I def submit it'd probably be a more enjoyable diet, but I just chose my way and I'm happy with it.

    Here are a few good links that helped me gain a good foundation on nutrient timing, carbs, glycemic index, etc. for anyone interested



    and if there's one site that I could recommend to everybody and is just absolutely awesome for anyone curious about supplementation, you have to check out


    It's Independent, unbiased, and objective. They do no advertising for product or coaching or consulting. It just takes research, compiles it, makes sense of it, and puts it online. It really is amazing and has helped me shape my preworkout my postworkout and really everything in between. Nothing worse than pissing away expensive shit that you don't really need or doesn't benefit you.
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  3. Also I've lost significant amount of body fat while gaining strength in every lift doing this. I don't think that you always have to do one or the other (bulk - gain strength but get fat, or cut - get lean but lose strength). It's a slower process though I think.
  4. Avoided buying cottage cheese for years. No reason other than being a bachelor and never really thinking about it come grocery time. The last few months i've been buying it more and more often. When i'm feeling lazy, i'll just grab a container and munch down a cup for a snack, or a lazy meal. So good!
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  5. I always forget how much I like cottage cheese! Do you add anything? I'm a salt and pepper guy, I can't get with the folks who add sweet shit like fruit to theirs.
  6. Are you using powder? After running out of my usual, I looked at some other options. I was shook to see how much saturated fat some of them had. You'd think it was powdered butter or some shit. I think one had something like 50% of daily value of sat fat. You'd be better off with a steak.

    That's another bonus to meal prep for the week. It shrinks the portion size needed to fill me up. So, when I go to a nice restaurant, a meal there can easily be two separate meals. So instead of one large meal for $12, I get two, sometimes three, proper sized meals for $12.
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    Yeah man I know what you mean. I use MyProtein Whey Isolate: https://us.myprotein.com/sports-nut...125.923277481.1512624686-374152555.1510313135

    Less than 0.5g per scoop! And holy shit they have a great sale right now. I just bought damn near 20lbs so I'm good for a while though. My suggested flavors so far would be chocolate smooth and cinnamon roll... Cinnamon roll is sweet as frick so if you're turned off by overly sweet stuff, it might be a bit too much. It tastes like a liquid cinnabon. I throw a few tbsp of PB2 in them or some pumpkin pie spice when I'm feeling basic and it's pretty great. I do enjoy core power brand drinks (similar to muscle milk), but that shit adds up compared to making it myself.

    So a typical two scoop shake with 1% milk would be ~380 calories and around 60 grams of whey and casein all in one. I'll snack on a cup of all bran cereal which I kind of like actually - crunchy and a hint of sweet, and I'm super satiated for a while.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to write all this up! I really appreciate it.

    Also, whenever anyone mentions Fibre One bars I can't help but think of this:

  9. [​IMG]
  10. 2018 Aych Es Vees are actually 2/3s Chevrolets.
  11. what did shartypants have to say in response to scatkings post
  12. My gf just got a shitload of money by selling an apartment in Jakarta.

    Invest in Bitcoin?
  13. Invest in me
  14. I only put in $100 last weekend. Made $30 in 2 days just off of that. But I'd hurry before it hits much past 20k.
  15. You can invest that low amount of money?

    I thought you had to buy like 1 bitcoin worth 16.000
  16. There's a chance for a short term profit with Bitcoin, even though it is a bubble and it did fall a little bit yesterday. In the long run, your safest bet is probably real estate, maybe someplace else.
  17. You can buy and sell as little as you want. So it's something like 0.0057 bitcoin in my account.
  18. This. In my example I started with $100. That same night it jumped to be valued at $120. I sold $20 worth. It dropped in value so it was about $95 worth left. It increased in value to something like $115 and I sold $15 worth.
  19. Yeah probably gonna invest in buying a house. Crypto is too risky.
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  20. YAS.
    A friend of mine has made over $300,000 in the last month....

    I've made almost $7000. It has been growing a stupid fast rate in the last few weeks though. Super sus.
  21. I decided to buy some Cardano ADA instead.
  22. Should have bought Etherium or litecoin ;)
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  23. I think most of the newbie crypto currency will fizzle since bitcoin is becoming a household name in crypto and they're trading futures for bitcoin now. Also, plenty of places to actually use bitcoin as currency.

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