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I leik this thread;

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  1. Houston is pretty flat and straight. No place to show off its handling prowess unless he did some Monster energy drink doughnuts. There may or may not have only been a few pulls to 110+ freedom units per hour. That part of the clip if the only one you can actually hear him. You just have to turn the speakers up.
  2. I just googled the weather in Houston and it's the equivalent of what we get during the hottest summer days... And it's February ffs kurwa нахуй

    **** you and **** the Gulf of Mexico I need some sunshine godverdomme kut
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  3. Our 'winter' lasted about a week in December. And by winter, I mean I wore a jacket two or three times.
    The weather here is turrible.
  4. so we've had like 1.5 feet of snow last week
    this week its gonna be like 10c

    Global warming is a THING
  5. Chicago was warmer than Tel Aviv in the last couple of days.
    California is having an interesting winter.
  6. You're not making me feel any better!

    What's it like during Jul-Aug?
  7. Ball stew.
  8. So Logan yesterday and actually quite enjoyed it. Slightly less unrealistic mumbo jumbo, good characters, some humor.
  9. Successfully negotiated an extra $6k a year raise. First time ever doing that. I guess now I have no excuse to not save for those car modifi.. err engagement ring.
    Also, **** New York:
    Good job, New York. You wouldn't want to hire literate teachers when you can hire black or Hispanic teachers.
  10. We have the same problem
    Here, labourers are choosing teaching and everyone fails the basic tests
  11. Watched Logan with reclining couch chair, $50 worth of double shots, and my woman. Movie was real good. That's how you get a real bad ass 'woman power' character. Make it from scratch. Don't force the narrative to fit the wants of cucks and snow flakes.
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  12. havent seen the movie but was she powerfully supporting her leading male
    powerfully playing the role of traditional woman and head of the powerful house or what
  13. Wouldn't want to give anything away. Would want to see a stand alone movie of her. Also, she's like 12. This isn't Spy Kids.
  14. Wake up, losers!
  15. What do you want
  16. I'll tell you what I want
    What I really really want
  17. hey etb
    cool to see all this russia stuff finally dying down and we can get back to the business of making america great again right
  18. Indeed. You can only make an unsubstantiated accusation without proof for so long until you actually have to prove it.
    Now we can focus on important things like:
    Hiring illiterate teachers because they're minorities.
    Make the travel ban unecessarily complicated and more of a dick move.
    Allow female teenage girl wrestlers to compete in, and win, a championship while taking testosterone because she feels like a boy.
    Posting stupid comments on Twitter.
    Cry about more blatantly obvious justified shootings.
    Protest for the sake of protesting.
    And basically do whatever it takes for each side to show how truly idiotic and outright shitty they are.
  19. Ooh that's good right wing porn
  20. No. Barbara Bush scissoring Sarah Palin would be good right wing porn.
  21. Obviously justified shootings like Aiyana Jones... It's less about the actual incident taking place and more about the state's and police department's reaction to it. Too often the blatantly reckless/abusive officers get a slap on the wrist and that's it. If a 7-year-old girl gets shot and killed by an officer IN HER #@%§ING BED and gets years of PAID LEAVE as a punishment, something is very, very wrong.

    Why the need to defend shitty and unprofessional police work?

    I suppose that your view on the Rodney King riots was also "protesting for the sake of protesting" because police brutality doesn't exist. No, I'm not a BLM supporter and I don't agree with their views and methods, but denying that there's a problem when there is a painfully obvious one is ridiculous.

    Seriously how hard can it be to arrest a person?


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  22. Remi Gaillard would have been shot 9000 times and driven over a tank because "he assaulted the police with a deadly weapon" and then his whole family would be searched and detained on anti-terrorism laws and put in Gitmo or something because 3 grams of weed was found.

    Seriously **** your shitty system, get a better one.
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  23. RG wouldn't succeeded in USA they play football

  24. I'm confused. I don't see anywhere in my post referencing non-justified shootings.
    No, I mean justified shootings like Alton Sterling , Michael Brown, Tamir Rice, Keith Scott, Quanice Hayes, ad nauseam.
    Too often people get riled up and do stuff like loot stores, set cars on fire, and assault random people over a piece of shit that think trying to assault a cop, or pull a gun on a cop is okay to do. Seriously, how hard can it be to not try to assault a cop, grab the cops gun, or pull a gun on the cop? Why the need to defend the shitty decisions of a shitty person trying to harm someone who is trying to bring them to justice?
    So you're saying the very few unjustified shooting constitutes a big problem? What do you consider too often? Two times? four? Hell, have you seen how many people are murdered by blacks? I guess we have a huge black problem. Hell, we have a huge Hispanic problem too. And a huge white problem as they've done their share of killing. If only we could be as non-violent as the Samoan Portuguese Americans. I don't think they have ever killed people.
    Are you trying to say the people in the videos you posted pulled a gun on the police? I didn't see anything like that.
    Am I supposed to feel sorry for someone who gets shot for trying to assault a police officer or pull a gun on a police officer? If you decide to try to steal a cops gun, beat on a cop, or other violent shit towards a cop, getting shot is a risk you're obviously willing to take. It's like driving drunk and smashing into a tree.
    Take some advice from good old Tamir:

    Because sometimes even unarmed people can be very dangerous when they assault someone.

    But, sure, we should make sure police wait until the last absolute second to defend themselves and not react to the suspect reaching for things, assaulting them or aiming things at them. What could go wrong?


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